Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bestselling Author Christine Church

Win a $15 Amazon Gift Card, Signed Copies, Gift Pack or eBooks from Bestselling Author Christine Church

Bestselling author #ChristineChurch is celebrating her #FateoftheTrueVampires series by giving away some fabulous prizes to EIGHTEEN (18) lucky winners!
  • ONE (1) winner gets a $15 Amazon gift card & an eBook copy of Volume Two, The Early Scrolls (next book in series)
  • TWO (2) winners get a signed paperback of Sands of Time & an eBook of Volume Two, The Early Scrolls 
  • FIVE (5) winners get a Surprise Gift Pack & an eBook of Volume Two, The Early Scrolls
  • TEN (10) winners receive an eBook of Volume Two, The Early Scrolls
And EVERYBODY Who Enters Will Get:
  • A Free Digital Copy of Compendium to Sands of Time: The Early Scrolls (Volume 2) via Christine Church’s Newsletter
  • Up To 5 Free Paranormal Novels Each Week Along With The Chance To Win Thousands In Gift Cards, Prizes, Deep Discounts On Your Favorite Books And Much Much More Via ILVN VIP Newsletter
When you enter, you’ll automatically be signed up for both newsletters, which are FREE, so you can receive your books and prizes! You always have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of any email you receive from us or the author so all control is in your hands. See contest rules for our privacy policy and age restrictions.  Due to the high cost of postage, shipped items will only be available to US residents. Thank you so much and we are excited to hook you up with amazing new authors and books!
About Sands of Time – Finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards:
Mysteries uncovered from tombs.
Secrets dug up from the grave.
The truth and origin of vampires has been unearthed. Thousands of years of journals, scrolls and documents. A life exposed. That of Kesi. A blood drinker from the ancients. Read her journals, her desperation for a family, the failed ability to share her bloodline.
Travel with her to ancient China where she meets Yin, an alchemist who holds the answers she seeks. But his desires are dark. Using torture, mayhem and bloodshed, through science he is determined to find a ”cure” and end the children of the hybrids, known as vampyres. Kesi’s only hope for a family. Kidnapping his only progeny, she runs, hiding. But, Yin is not to be avoided. She is never able to outrun him, and eventually she must face her enemy and the darkness within herself in order to have that which she truly desires.

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