Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blood and Guts - A Dark Romantic Suspense Novel

Blood and Guts - A Dark Romantic Suspense NovelBlood and Guts - A Dark Romantic Suspense Novel by Gabi Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I personally did not feel this was that "dark" of a book. It does contain dark "flash backs" and some very detailed sex scenes so if you have triggers it may not be for you. Because of graphic content I would recommend for 18+ only.
*I am probably one of the few (I scanned the reviews before borrowing this book) who actually enjoyed the psychological elements and interplay between Aden and Lorin.
*The plot line of mystery and suspense : evil man brainwashes woman, leaves her for dead, steals company - good guy finds woman, goes after evil man, saves the day. Yes that is a cut and dry version ,though in this story a lot more happens, and it's not necessarily just the evil guys fault nor is it just the good guy who saves the day.
*A couple surprises mixed in with all the mystery and suspense.
*And last it is an HEA
*A couple places I would have liked more background or detail on the character or scene
*The cover
And lastly I really hope that there are stories for more of the characters that were introduced - can't say who because that would be a spoiler.

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