Monday, February 6, 2017

Bestselling Author #JessicaCage

#Win eBooks or up to a $10 Amazon Gift Card from Award-Winning, Bestselling Author Jessica Cage

Award-Winning, Bestselling author Jessica Cage is celebrating her series The Alphas by giving away some fabulous prizes to SEVEN (7) lucky winners!
  • THREE (3) winners each get an eBook copy of Jeremiah
  • ONE (1) winner gets a $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • THREE (3) winners each get a $5 Amazon Gift Card
And EVERYBODY Who Enters Will Get:
  • A Free Digital Copy of Malcom, The Alphas Book 1 via Jessica Cage’s Newsletter
  • Up To 5 Free Paranormal Novels Each Week Along With The Chance To Win Thousands In Gift Cards, Prizes, Deep Discounts On Your Favorite Books And Much Much More Via ILVN VIP Newsletter

About Malcom:
Alpha’s word is Law. That is the creed Malcom lived and breathed until the day his Alpha decided to only take everything from him. Stripped from him was the love of his life and the pack he was born into. Hunted down liked a rabid animal to be taken down he is deemed enemy of the people he once called family. After calling in a favor from an unlikely ally, Malcom is called upon to take down his former Alpha. Vincent is so far gone that he is now sending children out to be slaughtered. Will Malcom be able to bring himself to help a people who have turned their backs on him?

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