Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Ex-Con Times Two is LIVE!
Romance Heat Warning: 🔥Too HOT to Handle🔥
💋Here's the Blurb:

We’re supposed to be on our best behavior, but things are about to get filthy with our sweet little virgin.
When you’ve had a rough life like I have, doing hard time is pretty much a guarantee.
I’m an ex-con.
It’s one of those dirty little secrets I hate sharing.
I don’t expect any breaks or a happy ending, but good fortune comes our way for the first time in, well… ever.
Then I meet Katelynn.
A good girl.
Katelynn is sweet, shy, and way too young. She’s barely legal, but I can’t help wanting to live out every filthy fantasy on her innocent, virgin body.
Correction. We can’t.
Because my ex-con best friend, Jake, and I like to share one woman.
Our Kitten.
We find out that someone wants to harm her. Now that we’ve claimed Katelynn for ourselves, no one gets to touch her.
Not on our watch.
To hell with parole violations. We’ll break every rule to keep her alive.

💋*Authors’ Note: Ex-Con Times Two is a full-length standalone with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happy ever after ending. This is a bad boy MFM ménage romance that is all about the woman. There are no M/M scenes. This story is all about TWO hot bad boy ex-cons who fall for the same woman.

💋You know you want to read it!
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💋Here's the PROLOGUE:

The sound of Jake turning the lock on the door behind him reminds me that he’s here. With us. Watching. My eyes open part way and meet his. He doesn’t look away. Those eyes pierce my skull and hold me in one spot. He’s liking this? I guess he’s into watching.
And I must be into being watched.
The idea makes me drenched between my thighs, dripping wet and wondering how in the world I’m so calm about all of this. Good Lord. I’m kissing one man and lusting over another at the same time. How did I ever get myself into this situation? And what does it mean? Do I like Hunter? Or Jake? And hell, what on earth are they thinking about me? About us?
There’s no time to explore these questions right now. Jake closes the distance between us with two ground-eating steps. He drags off his hat and rests it on the counter beside the sinks as Hunter breaks our kiss and steps aside for Jake to replace him. Jesus Jones, they’re taking turns on me? Hunter’s okay with letting Jake…have me? I’m so turned on from their proximity and as a result of this out of the box sensual experience that I don’t want to stop.
Kissing one man is hot.
Kissing two men back-to-back? Well it’s sexy as hell.
I tilt my face up towards Jake’s. My lips part. My breathing is quickened as Jake lowers his face to mine, and takes my lips in a possessive, hungry, open-mouthed kiss—right in front of Hunter. His hands wander up to my shoulders, slowly making its way down my arms, until they loop around my waist and drag me in tight. Then I feel a flood of warmth behind me. It’s Hunter. His chest is touching my back, and the heat of his groin is at my lower back, and oh God, his hands are covering my shoulders from behind. My fingers grip the sides of Jake’s t-shirt for balance. I’m dizzy from not breathing, but I don’t want to stop for something as minor as air.
After some time, Jake pulls from the kiss, his hazel eyes shining down at me like the sun as I gasp for air.
Hunter nudges his lips at my ear again. “We want you, Katelynn.”
My stomach does a full flip. “Both of you?” I ask, still looking up at Jake.
“Yes,” Jake rumbles. “At the same time. We like to share.”
“You want to share…me?”
He nods, and I have to suck in a breath and hold it in tight. Jake and Hunter want me. At the same time. And the kicker is, now that he’s said it, I can’t get the image of two men taking me out of my head.
Two men.
For my first time.
I can barely breathe.
My knees are weak.
I’m falling apart... at the hands of two men.

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