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SaviourSaviour by Andie M. Long

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was not prepared for this read at all. I was expecting dark, and Long delivered.
She delivered a shadow-less world with very little light.
Please be aware the above blurb - that is the little light I was referring to.
Eden is your basic promiscuous college student -she is taking a year off to unwind.
Her ex is her boss and that does not quite work out so now she needs a job.
She applies as a house PA with "extra benefits" - looks like everything is going to be just peachy!
Xavier was her "quickie" at the club , as soon as she felt a connection to him she left him in the dust - but you can't escape fate.
This is a full journey , from beginning to end - Dark, twisted, a highly emotional journey that will hold you captive throughout the book.

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