Wednesday, April 26, 2017

To celebrate the one year anniversary of PERFECT, it is on sale for .99.

Do you need a book that will gut you? That will make your heart pound, rip it out, then shove the charred remains back in your chest, only to heal it in the most beautiful way? Do you want a story that will make you say, 'Hell yeah!'? Then this book is for you, (pssst, if you're an emotional reader, get those tissues, you're gonna need them).
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Teaser, "The Bathroom"
If Brian thought he was shocked before, it’s nothing compared to how stunned he is now.
Brooke grabs two handfuls of Brian’s hair and pulls, slamming his mouth onto hers, their teeth clashing, and kisses him. One hand releases the Vulcan grip she had on his hair, as the other grinds his mouth hungrily onto hers. Her free hand rakes her fingernails over the bulge in his pants before popping open the button of his jeans and pulling down his zipper.
Brian is still trying to catch-up to her from the moment she slapped him. By the time he realizes she’s got her hand on his crotch, his balls are being sucked up from the vibrations shooting through them from her nails scraping against his dick.
Brooke has her hand down the front of his pants, wrapping it around his engorged erection, squeezing it.
A low animalistic growl erupts from deep within Brian. Brooke’s dragging his beast out, and he’s fucking starving.
Brian grabs Brooke by her arms and turns them both, pushing her back against the door with a loud thud. He yanks the low neck-line of her shirt down and sucks her soft flesh hard.
“GOD!” she moans loudly, never letting go of his shaft. Yanking his head back by the grip she has on it, she brings her mouth down on his left pec and takes hold of it with her teeth. Her tongue flicks out over the nipple clenched in her mouth, teasing it, adding to the overload of sensations Brian’s being bombarded with.
“Fuck, woman,” Brian grits out, and pushes her legs apart with his foot.
He shoves her panties to the side with one hand, then plunges a finger inside her, as the heel of his palm grinds onto her sensitive nub. His other hand has her pinned firmly against the door, holding her in place.
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