Tuesday, May 9, 2017

 CANVAS, Releasing May 11th

Are you ready? Do you think you can handle it? Rock? Snake, and the boys? CANVAS, the emotion, the passion, the cockiness, and the beautiful filth? Hmmmmm, do you want it?
You can have it, finally, what you've been waiting for, 5 ecopies right here, just for you guys. All you have to do is go here, join, find the post and enter! 
"The Tub" Teaser
I approach her in the tub, her eyes get bigger and she pulls back. Gripping the edge of the tub, I lower my face so I’m right in hers. She has to hear every f%cking thing I’m going to say. “Let me tell you a little of exactly what I’d like to do to you, just so we’re clear.”
I wait for her to respond.
“Okay,” she says quietly.
“Good. First, just so you know, I f&cking hate leaving you so needy. I know you need to come, and come hard. If you were mine, I’d tie you to the f%cking bed and eat you until you came all over my face. That would be orgasm number one. Then I’d slip a plug in your tight little @ss, roll that greedy little c*** of yours between my lips for a while as I fingered you, rubbing that tender spot in your sweet *****, until your f%cking toes curled. Orgasm number two. Then I might,” I lower my gaze to her hard nipples taunting me in the water. F%ck it. I take one between a finger and thumb and tease it. “I might put some nipple clamps on these beautiful t**s. Then I’d f%ck you.” I inch my face closer to hers. “Hard.” I pinch her captured nipple. “Deep.” I stare into her eyes. “Then, princess, after we both explode, I’d tell you to get on your f&cking knees and suck my c***.” I let go of her nipple and straighten. “But only after I made sure you’ve been well taken care of.”

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