Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: The Devil Series, Books 1-4

The Devil Series, Books 1-4 The Devil Series, Books 1-4 by Rachel McClellan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Speechless - I came across this by mistake - best mistake I've made in a long time.I'm a big fan of Kenyon, ward, Hamilton and Ione. It takes a lot to get five stars from me. 3 is a good read I really enjoyed , 4 is a story that kept me on my toes. 5 is a story I couldn't put down ! I don't do book reports .What I try to do is share how a book made me feel . This one kept me on edge. I felt like I was there , every emotion dragged from my soul. I felt their pain, their happiness , I was part of every moment . I am moving to book two now... I have to know . If your on the edge right now - jump ! I promise you a journey you will never forget -
Engaging from beginning to end.
So many unknowns , twists and betrayals.
Will keep you guessing and every nerve ending alive in anticipation.
Lucian and Eve , Boaz and Henry... All connected .
Such evil so delicately enter twinned.
The story only gets better.

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