Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review: Mindfuck - A Bad Boy Romance with a Twist

Mindfuck - A Bad Boy Romance with a Twist Mindfuck - A Bad Boy Romance with a Twist by Gabi Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A completely mind-bending tale laced with a little bit of this woven in with a whole lot of that-

Norma - She controls her her life, her world and everyone who enters it with a tight leash and an even tighter set of rules.
She is one of the elites in her world - one of the best at what she does- she is a Domme- and she has all the control (doesn't she ?)

Cole- He has a special kink, a secret kink. He only wants to please her, truly please her and that is what he does, it's all for her (isn't it?)

Mr. Cane - She is my Domme - I love her - but I want more and I know she needs more - I saw her switch, I know it is what she wants - but she shut me out, she says I broke the rules - But I am the client I make the rules (Don't I?)

Moore does it again -this time she takes us on a journey of suspense-intrigue - subterfuge- jealousy-revenge and a very twisted tale of love - One extremely sordid affair that will leave you just a touch mind f@cked

This is book one of the three in the series - know that going in so you do not get to the last page and toss your Kindle- don't worry book two is already out :|
This is the story from Norm's Pov
Good Luck and enjoy the ride
I originally received an ARC but I have to own this series so I bought it :)

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