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Giveaway - BLACK INK, The Complete Trilogy

BLACK INK, The Complete Trilogy
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What readers are saying:
“Dark, erotic, heart wrenching, gut smashingly wonderful!” Nicole, Amazon
“5 Stars, Whatever the cost....... Pay it!!!!” Tux, Amazon...
“Holy mother of the book gods, this book blew me away. Black Ink seeped into my very soul revealing my own darkest fantasies brought to life. It licked the fires of the darkness within me and smirked at me saying, "I know all about your dirty thoughts and deepest desires." I loved every pleasurably tortuous moment of this book. It is twisted and gut wrenching. Ohhhh the mind games that will break down your defenses and leave you exposed, stripped bare. That is what Black Ink is. If you can handle all that then this book is for you.” Nina, Amazon

"The Desk" Teaser
“Ms. Trudeau,” his voice is like warm cognac gliding over me, thick and burning, seeping into me completely. He stands, his massive presence unaffected by how my body was towering over him, and the simple act pushes me easily out of the way. “The moment you accepted the position, you belonged to me. I have not even begun to use you in all the ways I intend to,” his body looms over mine. “There’s only one thing standing in the way,” he says dangerously quiet. “I’ve yet to make a conclusion on that matter yet.” He hits the button on his desk to smoke the glass walls of his office, never breaking his penetrating look. “Such an interesting word, possession, don’t you agree? Control,” he grabs me by my hips and sits me on the edge of his desk. “Force,” then yanks my skirt up so my panties peek out above my stockings and garter clips. “Taken,” he spreads my legs wide and stands between them. “The thing I hadn’t considered before is that the thought of someone else fucking you, especially that scumbag Tony Salvatore touching you with his filthy hands, makes me insane.” He cups my ass cheeks firmly and shoves me against his bulging crotch. “If he touches you, I’ll kill him.”
“…if he had I’d have to kill him,” the Faceless Man’s words echo in my memory.
My heart is pounding against my ribcage, my arousal is skyrocketing, I can feel the slickness already coating me.
“Tony Salvatore makes me sick,” I mutter.
“Good Gemma. I knew you had better taste than that.” He presses my sex against his erection, and the pressure makes my loins quiver. “You didn’t have anything to do with Malcolm’s scheme.” It’s a statement.
“How could you even think that I did?”
“You’re his wife, he’s stupid, you’re brilliant.”
He pulls my skirt up leaving the lower half of my body exposed in my underwear.
“You are the most incredibly sensuous woman I have ever seen, Gemma,” his voice is rough and deep. He strokes a finger over my now damp panties, then brings it under his nose and inhales deeply. “Delicious Gemma, your scent is an aphrodisiac. Pull your panties to the side, let me see you.”
I gawk at him, shocked at his pornographic request. It makes my heart skip a beat.
“No,” I whisper, my fingers curling around the edge of the desk to keep them from doing anything he asks.
Placing his hand over mine, he lifts it and places it between my legs. Then pushes my thighs wider, gripping the meaty flesh firmly.
“Now, Gemma.”
I have no control, he’s stripped me of everything, and my hand does his bidding. I slowly move the thin black fabric to the side and bare my hungry mound to his penetrating gaze. I close my eyes tightly, I can’t look.
“Open your eyes Gemma. I want to watch them when you’re coming.”
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