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🦋 My Week in Reviews 🔮

Sept 23 through the 29th
My Picks for the Week
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Fix Me Not

Fix Me Not by Carey Heywood

Sassy Smart and Sexy -A delightful captivating story that will melt your heart and warm your soul -
I want a Thompson of my own!
This is Asher's story and it is as good as if not better than Noah's (Fix Her Up) I love the raw emotion Heywood brings out in her characters and the realism of the trials and the triumphs that her characters face - I honestly could not ask for more from an author when seeking a good contemporary romance - except directions to find my own Thompson brother
Paige built her life in NewYork - she loved the lights the glitz and the glamour she was a rising star until a storm forced her to take shelter back home with her mother in a small quaint New Hampshire town - This was definitely not in her life plan -now she will do whatever it takes to restart her life and get back on top -
Asher has always been uncomfortable with attention - he prefers his quiet solitary life by the lake- he has his family, his housekeeper life is good - that is until Paige storms through - uninvited - unrepentant and Unknownst to her making the art of woodworking quite a lot harder for Asher
This is book two in the series but can be read without pause as a standalone I received a complimentary copy

Beast (Prydain, #1)

Beast by A.J. Adams

Adams puts together a bit of ole' mid-evil England mixed with a touch of Anglo-Saxon lore - She then proceeds to blend in her own embellishments finally bringing the fantasy all together to make quite a dangerous yet enchanting world of Prydain that any fantasy reader will appreciate
Her characters are well crafted and uniquely detailed drawing you easily into the story - I was unable to put this down until I knew how it ended - She crafted a strong heroine who knows when to pull her punches - A dominant alpha who is much more than what we are originally led to believe - I don't want to give any spoilers away but I have to say I was really shocked by how this story turned out - I did not see the conclusion nor the undertones while reading of what truly evil beings the men were - The Beasts on the other hand possibly have my heart <3 br="">This story does deal with darker subject matter so if that is not your cup of fanta-tea I would suggest not taking a sip of this one
I received a complimentary copy of this book and am now hooked - Adams will definitely be on my list of must-read authors 
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Stolen (Alpha’s Control, #1)

Stolen by Addison Cain

Stolen starts off where the last series ended but within a different Dome (Bernard). Shepherd and Claire are still what the story truly revolves around (I will get to that) but 75% of this story concentrates on Bernard dome and introducing us to the politics behaviors and main characters - Jacques, and Bren. We soon discover that the elite here is constructed of the same sick depraved and self-serving Alpha types that once ruled Tholos. Jacques the commodore of Bernard needs to be strung up by his hamstrings and declawed slowly over the fountain in the lower square - just saying - And at no point for any reason can I see myself thawing towards him -Anyway - Shep has taken over Greth Dome and is making a new world for his family and his followers, he wants peace and safety. He begins by sending an ambassador to meet with Jacques, though we all know Shep and there is a whole lot more than just a simple trade and offer of friendship here - Shep wants to ensure his rule and the safety of Greth - And we all know Shep will do anything to protect those he loves.
I really liked Bren, she is the Beta we meet on Bernard - hidden within her there is an Omega with the courage of an Alpha - She is a fighter and she is extremely intelligent and stubborn - I think what Jacques does towards the end to secure her and to ensure he keeps his dome safe and under his control is going to have some serious consequences in book two - a lot happens and there is a lot of references and hidden plots and future scenarios that are revealed in this book-
Yes, this is a very graphic read - it is also sci-fi fantasy - the characters behaviors reflect those of the canine species - which is very brutal to start with - Heed the warnings this is a dark and depraved read but it is also the stepping stone for a new world - it is always darkest before the dawn
Things are about to get real and I am salivating to get my teeth into book 2 - I want to know how Shepperd is going to protect his Clarie - because he will - of that I have no doubt -and I am eager to see the retaliation Shep's ambassador (after you read the book you will know why I left out the name) brings upon Jacques for the underhanded bond he formed with Bren - and I believe Annette will play an important role as well in the future of Bernard - I received a complimentary copy of this book


Caged by Clarissa Wild

As always I will admit openly that there is a possibility I am a bit biased in my reviews of Clarissa's work - I love the way she writes and she is one of my top five favorites in the genre of dark psychological romantic suspense - now that I have admitted that - let's move forward -
Cage - What can I say about such a truly innocent soul trapped in such an ugly situation? I loved him from the beginning - he is surrounded by some of the most depraved members of the human race and he has spent his entire life in this world - it is truly all he knows - Why do I love him so? - Despite his circumstances there is a kindness to him that is inexplicable and edges on heartbreaking - He loves Ella wholly and completely and she will be his there is no question about that the only question is how he will keep her after he claims her.
Ella - wow - this is again one of the reasons I enjoy Wild so much - Strong and Smart female leads - Ella lost her voice when she lost the other half of her soul - little does she know that her time in the cage is preordained -a destiny that was chosen for her by a monster that hid behind the veils of civility
There are elements of kidnapping, coercion, violence - you get the idea it is listed as a dark psychological read - take head it is not for everyone

Claim the Wolf King: A Post-Apocalyptic Shifter Romance by Meg Xuemei X

This is a new series and a new author for me -
Have to say first Absolutely loved the world building the premises behind the inhabitants of the planet and their means of survival are intriguing and well portrayed leaving lots of room for intrigue and sabotage and all the mischief we want in a post-apocalyptic world
The species are vast and the author mixes a bit of fantasy with paranormal and adds a twist of sci-fi
My Problem! - there are a lot of details lacking that would have made this a five star read - the forest I needed more, the origins again some were lacking in detail
I received a complimentary copy of this book from HGARC
Overall a great read and definitely am looking forward to book 2

Sold to the Shifter 

by T. S. Ryder 

This was a sweet and heartfelt romantic read - loved that we get subterfuge, intrigue, danger and some seriously sexy shifters
I enjoy TS Ryder and this is just another example of why
She wants to protect her sister - He didn't know - Can two souls trapped together by another's greed and deception find true love with each other or will they be forced to spend their eternity mated to a stranger?
I really enjoyed how easy it was to get lost in this story - the characters are written on a level that is easy to connect with and believable - just a great read that will definitely leave you with a smile