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πŸ‘€ A Peek at the Reviews of the Week

πŸ‘€  A Peek at My Reviews of the Week 

Review: Beauty by Mary Catherine Gebhard 
Genre: Dark Psychological Thriller
BeautyBeauty by Mary Catherine Gebhard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where to begin -
Beauty opens a month after Beast ended - Don't panic we get back to that - Frankie is finding her inner beast and it turns out no matter how hard she is denying it -she craves the animal - both her own and Anteros'
The new war has begun and Anteros has no intention of losing - he will reign no matter the cost and Frankie will be his queen -
This is packed with all those great things that we love in a dark psychological thriller - secrets,and lies that tear at the soul - so many hidden agendas that bleed out slowly - the thirst for power and vengeance that shred any and all in their path - All that decadent darkness that makes a psychological thriller the perfect read
I absolutely loved how Gebhard weaved this story -all the little moments and choices that led up to and defined each character - their battles and finally their acceptance of the inevitable whether it be to delve into the darkness or swim toward the light - this duet will keep you captivated and entertained to the very end
If you are sensitive to certain subjects or have not spent a lot of time in the emotional dark pool of literature this may not be the duet for you -
I received a complimentary copy of this book 

Review: Solace by S.L. Scott

Genre: Second Chance - Coming of Age
SolaceSolace by S.L. Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Scott delivers again -
Solace is an emotional and engaging second chance romance that will drag you in and hold you captivated in a manifestation of betrayal, love, frenemies, suspense, and forgiveness
Solace left me a little bit hesitant to let those last page close on Jason and Delilah's story- I didn't want it to end
You know the type of epic love story that stays with you long past the final scene- this is one of those!
This is a spin-off from the Kingswood duet - You don't need to read it to understand Solace - but honestly - It is a great excuse to own them all! 

Review: Kneel by Dani Rene'

Genre: Erotica - BDSM

Kneel (Sins of Seven #1)Kneel by Dani RenΓ©
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Welcome to Seven Sins
Club Seven Sins is proud to present two souls - stripped of everything but their base needs - each battling their own demons - each believing they are not worthy of love
This is their story it is filled with pain, greed, lust, need and above all - hope
Rene' strips away the facades surrounding "love" redefining it in act and form -leaving you bloody and beaten but with eyes wide open
This is book one in the Sins of Seven Series
I had trouble classifying this as a dark romance as both parties consented- though I would only recommend for those with a preference for the darker genre
Kneel is raw - it is the feeding of psychological and physical need in its purest form
I received a complimentary copy of this book

Bear Moon by Hattie Hunt
Genre: Paranormal - Shifter - Witches

Bear Moon (Shadow Sisterhood)Bear Moon by Hattie Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a child, Ripley's father chose not to train her to accept the Padfoot- believing that it would never choose a female - Turned out dad was wrong - To prevent herself from harming those she loved Ripley ran - Now she has been called home to attend her Uncle's pyre - to her dismay, it turns out that is not the only fire Ripley has to tend to - A lot has changed within her small town - One that is seriously divided in its beliefs -can Ripley bring them together long enough to save Joes brother or will she once again only be the harbinger of death?

This is a wonderful expansion of the Whiskey Witches!
This is one of those reads where you easily get pulled in - each character leaves a definitive mark on you-you either want to hug them or knock some sense into them or possibly a little of both
I look forward to more in this series
I received advanced readers copy for review consideration.

Apollo by Jamie Phoenix and Ashley West
4 out of 5 Stars
Phoenix definitely feeds my shifter paranormal sci-fi addiction - πŸ‰It's all here !!
The world building is spectacular - the details are on point - The story flows - and the characters - be prepared to be drawn in and dragged along
You can't help but feel for the characters and get lost in the scenes
I received a complimentary copy of this book and I think they do it like dealers - to get you addicted and coming back for more because that is how I feel - I want more!