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Jagged Edge - Jo Raven
Scandalous - LJ Shen
Demon Soul - Julie Anne Addicott
Damned - Alexandra Weis
A Tethered Duet - Jessica McCrory
Craving Maul - Sara Page
Redemption - Michelle Horst

Jagged Edge by Jo Raven

I found myself doing the "ugly cry" a few times during this read!
Be prepared this is a definite 3 tissue box romance.
Pain and darkness - self-sacrifice - self-loathing - determination - pure love = that is Jason
And Raine - I swear there were times I felt he did not deserve someone as pure of heart as Jaze but I forgive him his blindness- he had his reasons too.
This is my first by Jo Raven and definitely will not be my last-

#JaggedEdge #JoRaven #MMRomance

Scandalous by L.J. Shen

Trent knows he will be judged - knows society shames all who do not follow its practices - but he can no longer resist - he needs the tide - he needs her!
Edie is extremely mature for her 18 years - forced to take on the responsibilities of a pa…