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👀 A Peek at the Reviews of the Week

👀  A Peek at My Reviews of the Week AMAZON GOODREADSBOOKBUB

Review: Beauty by Mary Catherine Gebhard 
Genre: Dark Psychological Thriller
Beauty by Mary Catherine Gebhard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where to begin -
Beauty opens a month after Beast ended - Don't panic we get back to that - Frankie is finding her inner beast and it turns out no matter how hard she is denying it -she craves the animal - both her own and Anteros'
The new war has begun and Anteros has no intention of losing - he will reign no matter the cost and Frankie will be his queen -
This is packed with all those great things that we love in a dark psychological thriller - secrets,and lies that tear at the soul - so many hidden agendas that bleed out slowly - the thirst for power and vengeance that shred any and all in their path - All that decadent darkness that makes a psychological thriller the perfect read
I absolutely loved how Gebhard weaved this story -all the little moments and choices that led up to and defined…