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Buying Beth - Izzy Sweet The Zodiac Killer - WL Knightly Lucifer - Ava Martell Dungari Rise - Nikki Landis Play - Lilia Moon Barbarian's Prisoner - Abella Ward The Blackstone Dragon - Alicia Montgomery GOODREADSAMAZONBOOKBUB

Buying Beth: A Dark Romance (Disciples Book 3)
by Izzy Sweet et al.

"She turns her head and smirks at me as the opening roar of Warrant’s song Cherry Pie blasts out of the speakers." - This is the summation of the whole story- one scene that says more than any words ever could!

Beth is a strong kick arse heroine with a lot of surprises up her sleeve - she does not disappoint- and none of that wishy-washy back and forth stuff - she makes a statement and knows to follow through
Johnathon - Absolutely Loved Him! Strong personality, rough around the edges with just the perfect touch of marshmallow goodness -Who does not want an assassin with a sense of humor?

Six friends get a partyin…