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πŸ“š  06/03/2018 πŸ“š 

πŸ₯Š Sucker Punch by Ashleigh G
❣️  Master of My Heart by Marissa Honeycutt
πŸ–€ Ruthless by Dani RenΓ©
πŸ‘Ό Archangel by Ava Martell
🐾 His Captive Kitten by Measha Stone

His Captive Kitten (Owned and Protected Book 4)His Captive Kitten by Measha Stone
Intense - Captivating
This is an engaging and suspenseful romance with all kinds of "OMG" "NO Way" and "He!! No, you didn't" moments sprinkled with plot twists you never see coming.
The characters are easy to connect with and the story flows smoothly
The chemistry between John and Julie is off the charts - there are times I am not sure if they are going to shred each other or MORE ...

Archangel (Fire From Heaven Book 2)Archangel by Ava Martell
"Regrets are for tomorrow"
The journey continues with Alissa 's story -
Out little band of misfits just got bigger and badder (I am aware that is not a word but it fits our group perfectly)
Right from the beginning, I was hooked - you know those stories that just suck you in - the ones that you want to peek ahead so bad - just to make sure everyone is okay - like you can do something MORE ...

Ruthless (Sins of Seven #4)Ruthless by Dani RenΓ©
As we have come to expect from this series Suspense and Angst in spades
Callan is definitely Ruthless and a whole lot more - Out of all the male leads in this series thus far I would have to say he stands by himself in a very dark physical and psychological pool - I am not sure if I love him or loathe him πŸ’˜
Madison for me was a solid female lead overall, at times I do wish she would have spoken up sooner or made her feelings clearer -though I admire her backbone and the fact she decided what she wanted a MORE ...

Master of My Heart (Finding Sabrina, #2)Master of My Heart by Marissa Honeycutt
❣️ Another deliciously dark and twisted read
*You should read book one first to get the full impact of this story*
I was so excited when I heard there was going to be a spin-off series from the Life of Anna that continues the darkness that is the Brotherhood - and I was not disappointed - this is the second book in Sabrina's story and to say it is emotionally draining is truly an understatement
There are so many hidden twists and unknowns, many of my favorite characters from Anna are back and they play very predominate MORE ...

Sucker PunchSucker Punch by Ashleigh G
An entertaining and engaging second chance romance
Chad and Lola are a vortex of complications
Two strong dominant personalities that are vying for the tap out -
Who will finally submit? Or will they both be left battered and bruised only to find out too late that they are equal in their thick-headed stubbornness ?
Suspense - Romance - Mystery and Angst blended together to give the quintessential one-two knockout read MORE ...

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