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Review: King Of Hearts

King Of Hearts King Of Hearts by Natalie Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

♥️ And the saga continues ♥️
King of Hearts begins right were the Queen of Diamonds left us - Huddled in a dark corner choking on questions and crying for mercy as we search for answers - okay maybe not literally but you get the idea
We concentrate more on Mateo in book two - We get a look at what is going through his thoughts and a bit more insight into what he is planning - though honestly, I have absolutely no clue what the final conclusion will bring - He seems to be moving the "game pieces" with careful precision - It seems that he has the final move at the forefront of his mind
There is so much darkness in Mateo - he firmly believes he sees that same darkness reflected within Elena - and now he has set out to nurture it, to bring it to fruition - and damn if that is not a scary thought, because in book two we see passing glints of what Elena can become - of how truly capable she is of becoming the bloody queen to his king
As with book one King is filled with plot twists, evil villains, very dark elements of a most sinful nature and lots and lots of steamy romance -
May the best player win

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