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Review: The Thief

The Thief The Thief by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

🗡️ Another Adventure with the Brothers 🗡️
I have been a BDB fan for longer than I can remember -
Few can make laugh so hard, or ugly cry the way characters of the BDB does - Just one of those reads that guarantee complete immersion within the pages
This story, as with most of the BDB books, encompasses more than one set of main characters and plot line- with The Thief we get Assail and Sola's story *sigh* these two are such a unique couple I have a soft spot for Assail - he let go of Sola because he loved her - despite his cold and greedy exterior he hides a heart of pure marshmallow goodness
We also get a storyline for one of my favorite characters V and his beloved sheehan Jane and how the changes in their world - from the death of the Scribe to the war with the Lesser's is affecting their lives and their relationship -
Oh and then we get this fabulous twist with a brother long thought "retired" - Not telling - but it was a shocker and I am dying to find out what happens
The many changes also bring us new alliances as well as some new enemies
I am not sure how Ward manages it - But as you journey with the BDB each character is so vivid - their unique personalities and quirks bleed onto the pages - not only in actions but words - It is hard to explain but it is like you know them personally, you are there in the room watching them unwrap a sucker, light up a hand-rolled, flip off a brother - They are family and look forward to the next journey with them

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