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A LšŸ‘€K at My Week in Reviews July 08

Immortal Curse Series: Books 1-3Steel (Dark Monster Fantasy, #2)Insatiable Thirst: A Vampire Anthology (Summer of Supernaturals Book 3)

Daddy's WhipChase (Savage Kings MC, #1)Cursed By The Crown


šŸ’“ Chase by Lane Hart

❣️ Immortal Curse Series by Lexi C. Foss

šŸ¤  Daddy's Whip by Kelly Dawson

šŸ§› Insatiable Thirst: A Vampire Anthology

šŸ‘ø Cursed By The Crown by Hanleigh Bradley

šŸ‘¾ Steel by Cari Silverwood

šŸ“š  07/08/2018 šŸ“š 

Steel (Dark Monster Fantasy, #2)Steel by Cari Silverwood

A sexy and stimulating read that blends a bit of "prim and proper" with a dash of "man and machine" topped off with a magnificent sized portion of the "animal" inside šŸ˜‰
šŸ¤· What can I say - I absolutely loved it!!
This is book two in the series and it just gets better
These are fun - out of this universe stories that mix together sarcasm and wit with the sexy dub con that we love and expect from Silverwood
Ember is a prin "CESS" -  MORE...

Cursed By The CrownCursed By The Crown by Hanleigh Bradley

An engaging first in series
I liked it - suspense - intrigue - mystery- romance
The Kumari -She is the reason their world has peace -
Her blessed magic blended with the love of a mate from each of the seven realms creates a balance of beliefs and cultures that guide her decisions as queen and protects the magic of their world

I enjoyed the way Bradley built this world
Each of the seven realms offers a different culture -
The warriors, the scholars, the hunters, the empaths -you get MORE...

Insatiable Thirst: A Vampire Anthology (Summer of Supernaturals Book 3)Insatiable Thirst: A Vampire Anthology by J.P. Uvalle- Lexi C Foss -

❣️❣️ Quench your thirst on these deliciously dark vampire flavors ❣️❣️
I am a big fan of multi-author anthologies - this is where I get the opportunity to read a collection of different stories and find new authors without breaking the bank šŸ’ø
I am a bit on the fence with this one - I am thinking of grabbing the whole set, they are only .99c a piece and each anthology covers a different theme - fae, witch etc - but it seems that spelling and grammar are subject to the whims of some of the authors. I have completed three of the stories so far - MORE...

Daddy's WhipDaddy's Whip by Kelly Dawson

This is a disciplinary romance and as such I expected Marnie to be a bit of a brat -
She is not a brat -she is an all-out whiny little chit that I would have left on the side of the road!
This started out strong - Our heroine seemed to have a brain and a backbone in the beginning and then it was like when the sinkholes appeared not only did it take part of her community but her personality as well!
Sam - came close to capturing my heart a couple MORE...

Immortal Curse Series: Books 1-3Immortal Curse Series: Books 1-3 by Lexi C. Foss

This is a box set containing the first three in the Immortal Curse Series :
10 Immortal lives for Blood laws - A must for any paranormal lovers collection
WHAT!!!! NO WAY!!!
Yes - those were the last words out of my mouth as I read the last words in Blood Laws!
Foss has built a world of paranormal intrigue and suspense that promises to keep even the most fastidious of readers trapped within her clutches
I love the opposing factions and the complex players within this series - they were well written and graphically vivid MORE...

Chase (Savage Kings MC, #1)Chase by Lane Hart

Wow - an intense and well written first in series
This was a little bit of suspense sprinkled with a touch of angst rolled in a sexy and romantic second chance
The characters are detailed and vivid - easy to connect with - fell in love with Chase
The plotline flowed smoothly and kept me on edge for most of the book
I am really looking forward to more - I would like Abe's story
Be prepared there are some scenes that may cause bouts of heartbreak MORE...


Inferno  (Inferno, #1)
The Accidental Master

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