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Review: Clutch

Clutch Clutch by Lisa Becker
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

💟What fun!
Gives trying out a handbag a whole new meaning
This was such a refreshing and heartwarming read!
We follow Caroline's journey as she searches for love and romance while at the same time discovering her inner strength. She has always had trouble saying "No", more worried about how it would affect someone else than how it is affecting her.
Michael has been her friend and her protector since "forever". Together they have both accomplished their business dreams - now they are looking for that special spark that will ignite the fire within them.
Maybe they should both look a little closer to home?
This is a fairly clean Chick Lit - the characters are bold, the plot line flows smoothly and the story is entertaining
I greatly enjoyed the wonderfully comical analogies of the men and the handbags
I also found the way each new experience was authentic and detailed made the read that much more.
This is one of those feel good - "you know the ending but still smile" kind of reads

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