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Review: Little Dove

Little Dove Little Dove by K.C. Decker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

WOW - just - WOW
This is one of those reads that, if you can, read it in one sitting -
It was like watching a movie - I could not imagine pausing it and then picking up where I left off the next day - it would not have had the same emotional punch to it

Let's start with our lead female - Etta - absolutely freaking loved her - strong, witty, snarky as h@ll and about as damaged as a tin can in a train wreck - I loved her
Then there is Dallas - hot damn did he lite my panties ablaze!
Arrogant - rude - built like a brick wall-perfect man in a can (or room)
And did I mention that he might just possibly have a hidden mushy side?

Little Dove literally held me from the opening scene - drug me in and kept me under - like a funhouse - one minute you are laughing and looking for the next adventure and the next you are facing bouts of angry tears and terrified to turn the corner
Raw - Emotional
This had so many emotional triggers, and "OH h-ell no" moments mixed in with some of the sweetest and most endearing scenes-
It is hard to put into words but it definitely will have your emotions running the gauntlet
Now I did have a problem with a couple scenes that truly needed more background - I am one of those readers I want the whys and the hows
Also, the end needed a bit of work - felt a bit rushed - I would have been okay with another 50-100 pages - just saying
Also, I would love to read the stories for some of the secondary characters - they play important roles even if you do not realize it while reading
I originally received a complimentary copy but after reading it I had to own it

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