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Review: Witch Queens: Tales from Oz by S. Cinders

Witch Queens: Tales from Oz Witch Queens: Tales from Oz by S. Cinders

"Home is knowing. Knowing your mind, your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we are always home, anywhere."

⭐⭐ I would give this ten stars if I could⭐⭐
Is it perfect? nope, Realistic? nope, Are all the scenes flawless? nope
Then Why do you ask?
Because it engaged my every emotion - it had me 😂 out loud, falling in 💘 (I want my own Scarecrow!!), emoting little 😢, and let's not forget 😠
I am so glad I came across this - I do not want to give away spoilers!
This is the story of what really happened to Dorothy on her visit to the Merry Old Land of Oz - though this time we get the tale from the citizens of Oz - we get the truth of what happened
I had so much fun with this -
If you are looking for an adult romance that has a little angst, a touch of suspense a twang of action and a whole lot of steam - just click your heels (or fingers if you are not a flying monkey)
Just a little teaser till you land 😉
"Mombi’s eyes glittered with amusement, “The b@t ch actually tried to drop a house on you, stole your best Jimmie Choo's, and is now picking off the Munchkins?” When she put it like that, it sounded pretty bad"

This is broken down into parts - each 'part" concentrates on a particular area of Oz and the witch who rules that area - all of them are connected though so the "parts" intertwine (I swear it is not as complicated as I make it sound) - the final "part" is the conclusion and brings all the characters together

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