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Review: Lies by T.M. Logan

Lies Lies by T.M. Logan

Lies is a suspense-filled thriller
Joe is a faithful husband, loving father, an outstanding pillar of the community - until he isn't

One quick detour in the name of love is about to turn his perfect world upside down.

This is an even paced read that has a couple intense OMG moments as well as some little surprises here and there - kept me engaged from the opening scene to the final scene. I really enjoyed how the author brought to light the darker aspect of today's social media and how intensely it can impact our daily lives.
The storyline, for the most part, flows well - a couple scenes IMO needed a touch more background or detail to them - there were lots of breadcrumb trails to keep me guessing and divert my attention from the truth - nice spin by the way
I did have problems connecting with Joe's character. He is portrayed as your typical guy next door - nothing special about him - not rich- not overly intelligent - though it is brought to our attention that he is physically fit (these seems to play a small part in the plot). There were a couple times I wanted to knock some sense into him and others I wanted to loan him my spine.
I enjoyed the secondary and supporting characters - They did an acceptable job of supporting the storyline but I felt they needed a bit more background - at times they were lacking
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