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Review: Watcher Untethered by J.L. Madore

Watcher Untethered Watcher Untethered by J.L. Madore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I came across this first in series while browsing Amazon -
An exciting and captivating first in series -
A group of Immortal warriors that do not quite fit the angelic mold they are descended from
Austin - our sweet little cowgirl with her texas attitude - her character was down to earth with the occasional flare-up of "Oh no you don't" here and there - great female lead
Zander - loved his character development - He is a typical solo alpha who doesn't play well with others - and doesn't take directions very well - he also has a darker side that you definitely do not want to poke - also pay close attention to the conversations around him or you will miss the why's and how's of his transition
The Watchers are an eccentric mix of personalities and backgrounds that truly create an entertaining cast of characters - and don't get me started on the Archangel's of the council
Naturally, we are also presented with an out of this world cast out antagonists
This is an engaging and exciting first in series
Lots of action and romance - plenty of breadcrumb trails for future plot twists
There are a couple of grammatical issues that need to be addressed

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