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#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited ➨ Until We Fall (Trust Duet #2) by Edyn Michaels

Title: Until We Fall
Series: Trust Duet #2
Author: Edyn Michaels
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 4, 2018
Mari was a hot freaking mess.
There’s no better way to explain a person who falls desperately in love with a hottie who puts her first in all things, and gives her an insane amount of orgasms – only to walk away at the first sign of trouble.
She walked away and as a result broke herself and broke Dane.
She didn’t swear off men, but she sure as hell swore off any type of intense connection with men. It was safer that way. Trust issues sometimes meant never putting yourself in a position where you could be broken.
One mistake made, a few lies told, a night of crazy monkey sex, and then nothing.
Dane found himself in a bit of a tailspin, blaming himself for breaking Mari’s trust, blaming himself for her walking away, and blaming himself for not running after her, knocking her upside the head and dragging her back to him.
He had to get her back, but more importantly he had to earn her trust again.
After years of believing a lie to be the truth, Jamison finds his soul laid bare and the very fabric of his bad-ass persona ripped to shreds. 
Add in an evil pixie of a woman who challenges him at every turn, and Jamison finds himself being brought to his knees for the first time since he was a kid.
Three broken people, three bruised souls… 
Will they be strong enough to allow themselves to fall?
Edyn Michaels lives in Massachusetts with her husband and eight pets. She believes in unicorns, thinks that calories don’t exist on her birthday, your birthday, his birthday, everyone’s birthday. Holidays either. Calories definitely don’t exist on holidays.
When she’s not writing, she works a handful of jobs, and is learning to play the bagpipes. Because, well, why not?
Her favorite type of books to read are the ones that require a large stock of batteries in the nightstand drawer, but at the same time, she likes complex characters that she can relate to. But mostly, batteries.
Side hobbies include photography and so much baking. And bitching about whatever diet she is on at the time.

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This is the second book in the duet and may I say what fun! The storyline revolves around Mari and her two biggest love interest Jamison and Dane -
and may I say those two boys could not be any different from one another. As the story progresses we get to see glimpses into each of their pasts - the dark and the light that
made them the utter messes that they are today. This read a bit like friends (yes the tv show) along with Mari's whirlwind of a life we also get to see
glimpses of her friends and their lives as well - let me say here that Jennifer and I would get along
perfectly - definitely found that the 'six degrees of separation' rule applied here which IMO just made
the read that much more interesting A romantic comedy mixed with a little of love's uncertainty A fun read