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✨ITS'S #FREEBIEFRIDAY ✨-Every Friday I try to present you with an assortment of genres -
 Cozy mystery, Romance, Western, Sci-Fi, PNR, Horror, LGBT, Erotica, Menage, YA, Historical, Alien ... You get the jest -
-  I DO NOT use associate links so click to your heart's content - 
⇒If you enjoyed the book please leave a review for the author
 even a couple words " Loved it " "Not for me"  is greatly appreciated
-Please remember these were free AT TIME OF DRAFTING 
They are subject to change at ANY TIME-


Wanted and Wired
by Vivien Jackson 

Devil's Move: A Suspenseful Political Technothriller
by Leslie Wolfe 
Pushed to the Limit (Quid Pro Quo Book 1)
by Patricia Rosemoor 
Link: Scorpion's Trail, Sisters of Spirit #5: Originally, Songs for Perri
by Nancy Radke 
Link: The Ward's Bride (Border Series Prequel Novella)
by Cecelia Mecca 

πŸ’ #ReleaseBlitz #Giveaway Watch Me Follow an NA Contemporary Romance by Harloe Rae

Title: Watch Me Follow Author: Harloe Rae Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 2, 2018

Creep. Freak. Crazy Eyes. I've heard it all. Over the years, they've slammed me with every demeaning name in the book.  Their taunts warped me like a steady stream of poison. Anger replaced anxiety as I started believing the cruelty spat my way.  Until she showed up and changed everything.  Lennon Bennett is pure innocence—warm sunshine breaking apart my stormy existence.  She's everything good and maybe I can be too.  For her. With her. Because of her. Lennon doesn’t know I’m beckoned closer with each breath. She isn't aware that I'm completely consumed with her.  It’s become my sole purpose to protect her, by any means necessary.  But if she discovers the depth of my obsession, it will be the end of me. So, I remain in the shadows. Waiting. Watching. Wanting.  She'll be my first. My last. My only.
Watch Me Follow is a TOTAL standalone. 


Purchase Lin…

☆★New Release & Giveaway ☆★ ➺ #Paradox ➺#TemptingPerfection ➺#KorruptedAngels

Title: Paradox (A Death Dealers MC Novella #5.5) Author: Alana Sapphire Genre: MC Romance Release Date: February 2, 2018 “In contradiction and paradox, you can find truth.” – Denis Villeneuve Jon and Ellen have a beautiful life. He won her heart when all she offered was her body. With a baby on the way, they couldn’t be happier.  She wears his patch, shares his home, and he couldn’t love her son more than he does. But Jon still wants more.  He wants his ring on Ellen’s finger, and he intends to make it happen before their child is born.  It’s time he made her his in every way. *** Gage and Raven are at the happiest point in their rocky relationship. They’re weeks away from the birth of their twins, and believe they have the perfect marriage. But what if it isn’t perfect? Old conflicts surface and new ones emerge, threatening everything they value. Can they hold it together, or will they finally break under the weight of their troubles? Is this the end of RAGE?