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** πŸ–€ #Monsters is LIVE πŸ–€ ** Monsters by @MJane_Author is #Live #OneClick #Giveaway

Title: Monsters Author: Melissa Jane Genre: Romance Suspense Release Date:  February 9, 2018 Theirs was a secret they’d kill to protect.  One. Two. Three cracks of thunder. Three reasons to run and hide. When the lightning illuminated the night, I saw their bloodied faces. They were no longer the boys from next door. As quick as the storm rolled over the neighborhood, a crime of passion was committed, Lucas and Mason Carter dangerously altering the course of all our lives. Ten years later, on my twenty-sixth birthday, when detectives come digging for information on a cold case, I find myself once again unwillingly tangled in the spider’s web. I hold information on a heinous crime. I have become the number one target. More specific, I have become Mason Carter’s obsession. While one brother seeks to destroy me, I have to believe the love I share for the other could somehow save us all. When running proves futile, I’m left with a choice. Reveal the deadly truth, or dare to take on the monsters lurki…

πŸšͺ #NewRelease #LastResortMotel Room 10 by → @wondermomlv is #Live #OneClick today

Title: The Last Resort Motel: Room Ten Author: Crystal Perkins Genre: Romantic Comedy w/ PNR Elements Release Date: February 8, 2018 Devin and Devon are looking for adventure and yeah, some ghosts. Why else would they head out to the middle of nowhere and The Last Resort Motel? Those ghost hunters on TV make it look wicked cool and if they don’t see a ghost, well at least they can keep busy in other ways.
When the ghosts turn out to be more than they bargained for and the motel owner and her boyfriend don’t believe them, they’ll have to get rid of the spirits on their own. If they can make it out of this without being violated or consumed, maybe it’s time to grow up and realize what they have together is stronger than they could have ever imagined. 

I grab the soda, water, and beer and walk to the door. When I open it, it slams right back shut. I try to pull on it but it’s sealed tight. Shit.
“Dev?” I force my voice to sound calm as I answer her. Inside, I’m feeling like a small tree shaki…