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📚  01/11/2018 📚 
Tortured: by N.M. Catalano
Daughter of Death by Lexi C. Foss
Tragic Beauty by Iris Ann Hunter
The Steamwork Chronicles by Cari Silverwood
Demon Soul by Julie Anne AddicottGOODREADSAMAZONBOOKBUB

Tortured: The Program Book 3
by N.M. Catalano

Tortured is an absolute understatement -  You know how they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions - for Gringo his road was finalized a long time ago💔 Now he is just playing with his demons- biding his time till the final curtain call This is His story -Unrestrained - Primitive - RAW Who is Gringo? He is death cloaked as a shadow that passes in the corner of your eye He is the darkness that serenely envelopes your soul - leaving no evidence of his consumption He is justice and he has no qualms about doing what is needed to get what he wants -  But-  Just when you think you think he is lost - consumed by his darkness - scarcely a hint of light passes through the shadow…