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📚  01/11/2018 📚 
Tortured: by N.M. Catalano
Daughter of Death by Lexi C. Foss
Tragic Beauty by Iris Ann Hunter
The Steamwork Chronicles by Cari Silverwood
Demon Soul by Julie Anne AddicottGOODREADSAMAZONBOOKBUB

Tortured: The Program Book 3
by N.M. Catalano

Tortured is an absolute understatement -  You know how they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions - for Gringo his road was finalized a long time ago💔 Now he is just playing with his demons- biding his time till the final curtain call This is His story -Unrestrained - Primitive - RAW Who is Gringo? He is death cloaked as a shadow that passes in the corner of your eye He is the darkness that serenely envelopes your soul - leaving no evidence of his consumption He is justice and he has no qualms about doing what is needed to get what he wants -  But-  Just when you think you think he is lost - consumed by his darkness - scarcely a hint of light passes through the shadow…

🥂 #NewRelease #ONTOUR Tattered & Bruised by Allie York

Title: Tattered & Bruised ( The Broadway Series #4) Author: Allie York  Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Cori Sharpe: Single mom, fearless, perpetually loveless. With a daughter to raise and an ex-husband in prison, she wouldn’t have time for a man if she wanted one. When a tall, sexy, and tatted single dad shows up in ballet class with his daughter, Cori’s idea about men starts to shift. The more time she spends with Griffin and his daughter, the less she fears trying her hand at love again.  Griffin Steele: Single dad, inked, badass. Since a daughter he never knew was dropped in his lap, life as he knew it was flipped upside down. Instead of late nights with lose women, he’s home in time for bedtime stories. As his priorities shift from fun to family, he finds himself falling for Cori and her spunky daughter who seem to pull his own child out of her shell a little more with each meeting. All he needs is to convince Cori that one family together is better than two apart. 

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