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Review: Outcasts

Outcasts by Natalie Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

πŸ—‘️πŸ—‘️Five Bloody Daggers πŸ—‘️ for OutcastsπŸ—‘️πŸ—‘️
Not even sure where to start - How can something so depraved and so bloody licentious be so damn good?
We get it all -again- with Grimm and Brat's tale -
There was such beauty in the way they bathed themselves in the blood of their enemies * sigh* They have been the apt πŸ–€ couple since they first "stumbled" upon one another
I honestly think I may have fallen a bit more for Grimm in this one.. He is just so dark and deadly and ohhh so scrumpdillicious 🀀
There are some great new twists in book three - Brat's eyes are awakened in a way that leaves her soul just a bit tainted and a whole lot jaded - Some of the other characters we love so much are jolted into painful realities they never saw coming and others are gifted with small blessings -
There is the introduction of some new characters that will definitely have you scratching your head - I questioned if they…

Review: The Prophet

The Prophet by Celia Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

😲 You can not leave me hanging like this
I am in a form of shock .... I expected so many horrors but none can come close to the twisted truth... Once my heart ❤ slows I will write a full review ... For now, I'm going to curl up and cry
I am finishing my review -the trauma is still there πŸ’”
So much happens in book two that I never ever saw coming
The Prophet shows us the level of depravity and psychosis we are dealing with in a whole new darkness (I would say light but there is absolutely none to be found) it also shows us the instability that the true believers are capable of and OMG wait until you get that plot twist crammed down your throat
Adam decides enough is enough and intends to right his wrongs Will he be able to rescue his maiden? Will she even survive the correction she is undergoing for her previous escape attempt? What is the big secret with regards to the winter festival? So many questions - and not all the …

Review: Bloody Ties

Bloody Ties by Abrianna Denae
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

❣️A very bloody union
Damien - the eldest of four - His mother was a whore- his father a ruthless leader - raised and trained to inherit the throne from birth
Eva - the only child of her father's - he had no need for a female heir - but he did, however, have plans that would make her the asset that would cement his bid for power
A chance encounter - (fate or tragedy -that is still up for debate)
that would create a bloodbath of epic proportions
This is their story - brutal, raw and full of violence - though somewhere within all the darkness a miracle is created
I relished the way this story was written with regards to the smoothness of the plot line - the intricate details of the characters and the vast world-building behind everything.
I love detailed reads especially when the opening book is so fluid and easy to read - I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series
However, I was a bit disappointed with some of …
πŸ’– BOOK REVIEWS FOR THE WEEK πŸ’– πŸ“š  05/13/2018 πŸ“š 
🌹 Of Beasts and Beauties by Miranda Honfleur
πŸ„ Bane by L.J. Shen
♛ Queen and the Kingsmen by Zoe Blake
☄️ Conquered by Sara Fields
⛓️ When the Dark Wins by Jennifer Bene
♦️ Devros by Echo Hart Author


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Title: The Trickster's Hunt Series: Three Tricksters Harem #1 Authors: Carrie Whitethorne & Kel Carpenter  Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: May 18, 2018