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Review: The Thief

The Thief by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

🗡️ Another Adventure with the Brothers 🗡️
I have been a BDB fan for longer than I can remember -
Few can make laugh so hard, or ugly cry the way characters of the BDB does - Just one of those reads that guarantee complete immersion within the pages
This story, as with most of the BDB books, encompasses more than one set of main characters and plot line- with The Thief we get Assail and Sola's story *sigh* these two are such a unique couple I have a soft spot for Assail - he let go of Sola because he loved her - despite his cold and greedy exterior he hides a heart of pure marshmallow goodness
We also get a storyline for one of my favorite characters V and his beloved sheehan Jane and how the changes in their world - from the death of the Scribe to the war with the Lesser's is affecting their lives and their relationship -
Oh and then we get this fabulous twist with a brother long thought "retired" - Not tell…

Review: King Of Hearts

King Of Hearts by Natalie Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

♥️ And the saga continues ♥️
King of Hearts begins right were the Queen of Diamonds left us - Huddled in a dark corner choking on questions and crying for mercy as we search for answers - okay maybe not literally but you get the idea
We concentrate more on Mateo in book two - We get a look at what is going through his thoughts and a bit more insight into what he is planning - though honestly, I have absolutely no clue what the final conclusion will bring - He seems to be moving the "game pieces" with careful precision - It seems that he has the final move at the forefront of his mind
There is so much darkness in Mateo - he firmly believes he sees that same darkness reflected within Elena - and now he has set out to nurture it, to bring it to fruition - and damn if that is not a scary thought, because in book two we see passing glints of what Elena can become - of how truly capable she is of becoming the bloo…

👡 The Afterworld By Joanne Sexton @JoWritesRomance

Title: The Afterworld: Spring Gluttony  Author: Joanne Sexton  Series: Sinful Seasons Collection: Book 2  Genre: Erotic Romance 

❤️ Must Have Faith By Deborah Garland @deborah_garland

Title: Must Have Faith  Author: Deborah Garland  Genre: Contemporary Romance  Series: Darling Cove Book 2  Publisher: Roane Publishing

😈 Liam (Devil Souls) by @LeannAshers is #LIVE

Title: Liam Series: Devil Souls #4 Author: LeAnn Ashers Genre: MC Romance (Stand alone) Release Date: June 7, 2018

👄 Delicious by Marci Belle @belle_marci

Title: Delicious  Author: Marci Belle Genre: Sexy Foodie Romance