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Review: Twisted Strands

Twisted Strands by Lilia Moon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

πŸ“One of the most heartfelt and emotional reads of 2018 πŸ“
Nothing like I was expecting!
Wonderful characters - down to earth- real-
The passion between Matteo and Liane was a slow burn that was always at the perfect heat - kept me engaged on a consistent level
I loved the raw emotions - too many times the alpha lead is portrayed lacking any true depth or emotions - that was not the case here - Matteo's introspection of his own past and the why's of his current feelings were beautifully scripted - as a reader I could sense his turmoil and inner battle- he can tie me up and ground me any day
Then we have Liane A perfectly crafted female lead - just the right amount of spunk and "little minx" mixed with sheer determination - Really enjoyed her - I know there is so much more to her backstory-
The supporting characters are few but the ones we get a glimpse of left me wanting to know more about them and the why…

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