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Review: Chosen: Curse of the Draekon Book One

Chosen: Curse of the Draekon Book One by Samantha Britt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

🐉 Dragons and 🧚 Fairies and 👹 Ogres "Oh my"
An absolutely fantastic journey!
This is one of those authors who seems to have the magic touch - you know, the one that spins fantasy and reality into a tale that is so believable you forget that you are reading a story?
I do not know how many times I caught myself sitting up and gripping the edge of the couch - anxious and hoping - or screaming at the characters for their obviously two-sided uncaring attitude (yeah so not telling you, nice try though) or drying the quiet tears that tracked down my cheek.
This is told from Lissa's point of view - at first, I had a bit of trouble with it just being her tale (pov) - It may have been that the twists and surprises were truly just that - since I was seeing through her eyes only - and let may say there are a lot of twists and "OMG" moments throughout this story
I do not want to giv…

🏍️ Stud by ML Nystrom @ml_nystrom @givemebooksblog @hottreepubs

Title: Stud
Series: Dragon Runners #2 Author: ML Nystrom Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: MC Romance Release Date: June 23, 2018

➠ Watch Over Her by Olivia Stephens is #LIVE #OneClick today

Title: Watch Over Her Author: Olivia Stephen Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: June 21, 2018Cover Photography/Design: Alexandra Davis of Alexandra Design and Alexander BeemanCover Model: Lawren Beeman