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πŸ“šBOOK REVIEWS FOR THE WEEK πŸ“š 🌹 Breathless by Willow Winters 🐺 Sevin by L.S. Anders πŸ’‰ Liquid Death by Mitzi C. πŸ’– Deviant Attraction by Jennifer Bene ❣️  Steel by Julie Anne Addicott ☠️ Dirty Bitches MC by Avelyn Paige

πŸ‘°Her Imperfect Match by @taylordawn #BlogTour

★★ BLOG TOUR ★★ Her Imperfect Match by Taylor Dawn

The Beguiling Bachelor Series By Madison Michael #OnSale #Free first in series

The Beguiling Bachelor Series By Madison Michael

Review: Liquid Death by Mitzi C.

Liquid Death by Mitzi C.

🌠🌠Amazing first in series 🌠🌠
Not even sure what genre to put this in!
It truly has a touch of everything - Excellent presentation and characterization that flows from opening scene to the closing.

Suspense - I was entranced from beginning to end - this is one of those reads that had me constantly battling my inner child to keep from peeking ahead. There are so many hidden clues and agendas that kept me theorizing with every new page turn and plot twist.
Angst- all in the name of science mind you 😑 - the antagonists in this tale will cause your stomach to clench and your breath to hitch They are a blend of the "sacrifices must be made for the good of the many" and the more subtle maleficient that needs no justification for his deeds beyond personal fulfillment
Mystery - wondering where and what (don't want to give spoilers) was one of my greatest questions throughout this story.
Characters -
Kandi is our female lead - well crafted, bright per…