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Review: Down To You: Rockstar Romance by Jayne Frost

Down To You: Rockstar Romance by Jayne Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"The music and the memories and, yes … the pain. The pain was part of me too, like my scars. There was beauty in those scars. A truth in the imperfections."

😭It can't be -
This is the finale for Damaged - A beautiful and emotional journey - Logan -as we the readers have never seen him - exposed - vulnerable- real
Tori - Raven- Belle - One Woman so many facets
Their lives have now come full circle -
Both must face their pasts to finally see clear to their futures- they must embrace their failures, their successes, and the truths-
It's time

I laughed - I cried - I loved every moment of their journey
Frost has a way of dragging the reader in and squeezing every emotion she can from us. And did she ever succeed with Down to You - I laughed, I remembered, I cried, I loved - Above all - I experienced their journey! I do not want to let them go 😒

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Review: Set Me Free by M.R. Leahy

Set Me Free by M.R. Leahy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Speechless 😲

This is one of those rare reads that truly radiates from its pages the individual passions of each of its characters - investing the reader to connect on an emotional level -
This is a dark romance written in its purest form - The perfect blend of the psychological and the physical
From beginning to end this is one twist after another - guaranteed to keep you on edge and engaged -

Emmalyn - an innocent child delivered into a nightmare - betrayed by those who should have protected her - coveted by those who wish to own her
Kodah - no longer an innocent - now a protector - where once his life held no light it is flooded with sunshine
Those we trusted are the ones to turn on us- what we thought was real, it is only slight of hand

This deals with dark subject matter both physical and emotional

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Review: Blood Bonds by Lexi C. Foss

Blood Bonds by Lexi C. Foss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shredded - Emotionally Bankrupt - Raw
These are just a couple of the emotions I felt as I closed the pages of Blood Bonds
What have you done Lexi? 😭
This is the fifth book in the Immortal Curse series - If you have not read the previous books please πŸ›‘ right here and go back - You will thank me later - I swear. As for spoilers 🀐
Blood Bonds takes us back- Back to the beginning - Back to relive the events that would trigger the ultimate sacrifice - A sacrifice that would decimate πŸ’” the lives of a few to ensure an eventual turn in the war that would favor the many
There are so many breadcrumb trails that are finally picked up with Blood Bonds - and OMG the secrets that are revealed - this was a non-stop rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end
As for Sethios and Caro - their love story reads a bit like a Shakespearean tragedy -
Two factions - Two hearts - One fatal ending
Sethios is the ultimate example of a perfect male s…