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#ReleaseBlitz + #Giveaway --> Scars & Silk 2 by Rose Harper

#NewRelease + #Giveaway ❥ False Memory by Meli Raine

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited ➠ Side Show by Gigi Birtie

#NewRelease + #Giveaway --> Endless by Willow Winters

#NewRelease + #Giveaway --> International Guy: Volume 3 by Audrey Carlan

#NewRelease ☞ Sin Bin by Mandi Beck is #LIVE #OneClick today

#BlogTour --> Recall (The Red Ledger Vol 2) by Meredith Wild

Review: Endless by W. Winters

Endless by W. Winters

Aria has to make a choice
Carter needs to open his eyes
A call to arms - A war a long time coming -
Aria is trapped behind enemy lines but her heart belongs to both sides - Can she find a way to be with the man she loves and protect her family?
Cater has only one focus - protect what is his - and Aria is his -
Can he find a way to protect her and his family or will his own need for vengeance blind him to the truth and cost him everything?
This is the climax to their story - it is no way a perfect romance - but you already knew that - Be prepared for revelations that will blindside - Turncoats that you never would suspect - and sacrifices that will leave you broken
this ends on an HFN and we get a peek at what might be next story

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Review: Blood Glyphs by Cari Silverwood

Blood Glyphs by Cari Silverwood

This is a short paranormal/horror kind of read 👿
If you are familiar with the authors work then it will come as no surprise (because she loves to play with her readers minds) that Blood Glyphs is a starter read - like a soup starter kit, it is just the seasoning, or in this case the characters and the plot idea- you have to add the meat. This leaves it up to the reader to take Nefer and Paru wherever their twisted little heart desires
This is graphic (it is a horror read) and full of blood and strange rituals and OMG did not see that coming moments - so proceed with caution and enjoy the fantasy

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Review: Torn by Natasha Knight

Torn by Natasha Knight

Helena knows she is the key to stopping the cycle of the Willow Girls - but first, she must find a way to survive the nightmare she has awoken to.
For Sebastian this began as a duty- something to be done to protect his family - he did not foresee loving his Willow Girl - he did not foresee the pain, the vulnerability that love would bestow upon him.
Two lost souls that call to one another - a sickness that burns brightly within both houses-
Love 💕

Can Helena expose the secrets that have been buried beneath the guise of the "curse"?
Will she survive Lucinda?
Will Sebastian do what is necessary to set Helena free - even if it might destroy her?
Be prepared to have your heart shredded and slowly pieced together again

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