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Scar Me by India R. Adams is available now!

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Review: Scar Me by India R. Adams

Scar Me by India R. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely No Spoilers!
WOW - Speechless - Destroyed - Damaged - I am all these things
I am somewhere between LIVID and WTH just happened??
This ends on a hellacious cliffhanger - unlike in Steal Me the answers I seek are not just another cast members perspective away. As I closed this book I was shaking (quite literally) from the emotional cliff I was left hanging out on, and there is an ache in my chest!

This book was from Lilah's perspective - heart-wrenching, soul-draining seem like such mild words to describe the emotions that Scar Me carved from my soul.
It is such a beautiful tale. Even when the darkness overtakes the light, I could still feel the hope flickering, fighting to burn bright once again
I am seriously shocked at the truths that were revealed. I never saw them coming - I honestly feel a bit betrayed by Diesel - He was a bit dishonest with Lilah but that is for another discussion and another book.
I am going back …

Review: Steal Me by India R. Adams

Steal Me by India R. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Magical -
the first word that comes to mind when I think of Mavy and Lilah and Tucky Wucky and V
It took everything I had to control my inner brat from looking to the end to see how this story ended - We start with Maverick's story and all the feels that go with it then suddenly we sort of get left dangling on this really rocky cliff by our fingernails - Don't panic! It is not the end of the book - while we are hanging filled with dread and suspense from this fictitious cliff, we get to see the same storyline evolve but from Tucker's perspective - which gently eases us back on to the solid ground- sort of. There is a lot to take in, it is not just one couple or one story - it is a group of friends all connected by a common thread and this is their story.
This is the first of two parts - part two is available now.

This is not my usual genre but Adams' writing just does it for me. Her characters are just s…