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Review: Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks

Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks


Great idea for a series - but fell a bit short for me
IMO it lacked the substance that would have made this a stand out read - I needed more detail and depth to Jamie - He wasn't a mindless brute though some of the scenes portrayed him as such - It was like grunt ugh and you my woman when truly that was not who he was. I felt like he was wrongly portrayed especially since he was the alpha here on earth. Sadly I wasn't able to connect with him till the final chapter
There is who much potential to this series - There is such a fantastic backstory to some of the whys and hows that we as readers were denied! I really really hope that we are given more as this series progresses - so much potential just needs the filling to keep us excited and engaged
I will be reading book two - hopefully, we get more from the author if not that will be the end of this journey for me

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Review:Haven 1: Ascend by Sandra R. Neeley

Haven 1: Ascend by Sandra R. Neeley

Heart felt ❤ read

What a fantastic journey
I laughed I cried I believed
Wonderful characters, strong story-line - This was nothing like I expected!
This was not instant love for our heroine - her feelings developed slowly over the storyline and our Hero Quin (who I really really enjoyed) was not an Alpha male who grunted and then expected his woman to fall to her knees
And Viv!! Finally, a heroine who is plucky - resilient - intelligent and still has her spine!
Loved the interplay between the characters - Reveled in how intelligent our heroine stayed (Suprise she kept her brain cells!)
The was such a refreshing romance
Definitely, recommend
"You just have to own it. Grab your happy ☺with both hands and never let go."

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Review: More Than Blood by Brea Alepoú

More Than Blood by Brea Alepoú

Deliciously dark

This it's one of those reads that truly captures its reader
I enjoyed the idea of a werewolf and vampire as lovers
Karter is a f $ #@ Up! Who is lost in his own whinny masochistic behavior - I swear that boy looks for trouble at every page turn
After finally committing one faux pas to many he is asked to leave his pack until a time when he can prove he has matured (insert insane laughter here)
With nowhere to go, he accepts a deal that will allow him to work off his debt - he will be food for a vamp coven - And why not accept it isn't like he has any other options available
I have to say here that this is one of the most entertaining and well thought out casts of characters I have come across in a while - Each has such a unique and different personality - the combination works perfectly for the storyline
The bond between the characters was a slow build that lent emotional credibility to their relationships and the chemistry was e…

Review: Omega's Capture by Lillian Sable

Omega's Capture by Lillian Sable

Did not see that coming

I am torn on how I feel about book two- the story is engaging don't get me wrong and I really really like the world building
Their relationship is intense though I am not happy with Legion at the moment
There is a lot of political upheavals that I would have enjoyed a bit more background on - it adds to the suspense and IMO it needs more exposure - we are given these little crumbs without ever getting the chance to taste the goods - I need answers
Just something was missing for me in this installment
This does end on a cliffhanger so be prepared
Also, a few grammatical errors that are annoying - the reason for the loss of star
Definitely looking forward to book 3 as I need to know what happens!

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Review: Pythen by Erin Raegan

Pythen by Erin Raegan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Planet Earth has been invaded 🛸 by little light bulb looking creatures 💡 and Peyton along with her BFF Vivian need to get to Peyton's home to meet up with Hector. (relax you get to meet everyone in the story along with even more engaging and entertaining characters)
Commander Tahk - another alien species 🦇 - has been sent to protect earth when he gets there he finds his Pythe and she is human? Not wanting a mate of any species Tahk attempts to deny the truth. While still commanding the mission - Obviously this is not going to work.
I can't describe all the entertaining events that occur in this story - It is filled with laughter, angst, action, suspense, betrayal - It has everything I want in an amazing story and so much I didn't know I needed
Peyton is a blast - at times she is a bit selfish but I get it the planet is being decimated and a giant purple bat wants to keep her - I gave some leeway for those reasons 😉
Tahk - …

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