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πŸ“š  01/28/2018 πŸ“š 
⇰Capricorn by W.L. Knightly ⇰Savages by Natalie Bennett ⇰Signed by Marni Mann ⇰Captive Beauty by Natasha Knight ⇰Dark Deception by Zoe Blake ⇰A Tempest of Discovery: Midnight Dynasty ⇰Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen


Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen Grab your tissue boxes and settle in - this one is going to rock your soul!
I grabbed a copy in Kindle Unlimited and could not put it down -
An emotional roller-coaster that you will beg to get back on -
Alex is that bad boy - the one you love to hate but hate yourself for loving. It was so easy to justify his behavior even over my little voice of reason screaming in my head
And Indie - Strength, kindness and old soul who just may be shattered beyond repair
Midnight Blue is Everything you expect from LJ Shen and more!
Warning may cause bouts of ugly crying - moments of "NO please No" and small sighs of contentment - I was not kidding about the rollercoaster ride of emotions
A Tempest of …
πŸ“š  01/21/2018 πŸ“š 


Tempted By Darkness (Eternally Mated Book 6) by Valerie Twombly 

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯And so it beginsπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I have been waiting for Tegan's story - if there was ever a character that deserved an HEA it is him.
That being said I dropped a star because I felt this was more of a "bridge" story than Tegan's - Yeah I could be a bit biased and quite possibly the idea that he had to share his story with the introduction of - oh wait I can't tell you- 😀No spoilers
Tegan is a magnificent package of strength, devotion, and sacrifice - He has already lost so much in his life and he never falters when it comes to caring for those he loves and coins "friends"
After losing his mate Ana he has closed his heart to the idea of ever loving another - though that devotion is about to be tested.
Sent on an assignment he is to watch and evaluate the dangers if any a new species poses to humanity. He can do this assignment, it i…
As always I do not use associate links
Also there where a LOT of great reads this weeks - to many to list. 
You can use the above links to check them out

⇨Stone Prince by Emma Alisyn
⇨Vampire Vigilante by Sparrow Beckett 
⇨Thirty Days of Hate by Ginger Talbot
⇨The Last Resort Motel: Room One by Gwyn McNamee
⇨Lost For You by Jayne Frost
⇨Vermilion Tears by Tia Lee 

Stone Prince: Gargoyle Shifter Paranormal Royalty Romance (Warriors of Stone Book 3) by Emma Alisyn πŸ’–πŸ’–Another wonderful addition to the series πŸ’–πŸ’–
I swear each book just gets better!
Rhina is perfect for Geza - if ever a woman could reign him in - yet let him fly - she is it
The perfect balance of poise - royalty - stealth - and beauty - Geza's equal in all ways and do these two πŸ”₯ burn up the pages
There are so many little shocks and surprises in this one - will keep you engaged and on the edge from beginning to end
and NO I am not spilling - wait and see
I will say …
πŸ“š  01/07/2018 πŸ“š →Manny's Surprise Baby: An Mpreg Romance - SC Wynne→Legal (Older Woman Younger Man Romance) - Bree Dahlia→The Panther's Rival - Shifter Romance  - Emilia Hartley→Shadow Shifter (Hearts on Fire Book 1) -Jane Hinchey→Alien At Her Door (Out of THIS World) -Ravyn Wilde→Captive Discipline (Demetrian Brides Book 1) -Taryn Williams


Manny's Surprise Baby: An Mpreg Romance (Bodyguards and Babies Book 3)
by S.C. Wynne
This is a wild emotional ride, I received a complimentary copy of this book and it has been sitting in my tbr pile. I regret putting it on the back burner. this was a sweet, comical loving all around stirring read.
M-Preg is a somewhat new genre for me - a bit touch and go with some of the work I have read
Wynne did an impressive job of building this story - strong foundation and plot line - the characters were so easy to connect and fall in love with
If you are new to this ge…