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#CoverReveal + #Giveaway → Broadway Beans by Karen Cimms

#PreOrder ➨ Last Call by Kim Deister

#NewRelease + #Giveaway → Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited ➨ Pieces of Me by Nicky Shanks

#NewRelease ➙ The First Cut by Ellery Kane

#NewRelease + #Giveaway → SON OF CHAOS by Lexi C. Foss in the WINGS OF THE WICKED Collection

#NewRelease ➙ Micaden's Madness by V.F. Mason

#NewRelease + #Giveaway → Finding Home With You By Claire Raye

#NewRelease + #Giveaway → Burning For Autumn (On Call, #1) by Freya Barker

Review: Son of Chaos by Lexi C. Foss

Son of Chaos by Lexi C. Foss My rating: 5 of 5 stars Son of Chaos by Lexi C. Foss Foss delivers again! Another must read for any paranormal / fantasy lover "For Eternity?" "For Eternity." A vow. A future. A love worth the world and more. Please place your trays in the upright position - fasten your seat belts and hold on tight - you are in for one H E L L of a bumpy ride! Xi and Eve finally get a break - celestial bodies know they deserve it - some alone time just the two of them, to relax, maybe spar a bit -get the blood flowing 😏 Though it doesn't look like the fates are quite on board with their plans. With a bit of arm twisting Xi and Eve find themselves soul deep in the pits of hell though this time it looks as though one of them may not be returning to the heavens. I do not want to give any spoilers - with all honesty this is a read you want to go into blind if possible - Just be prepared for lots of hi-jinx, sordid betray

Review: Micaden's Madness by V.F. Mason

Micaden's Madness by V.F. Mason My rating: 4 of 5 stars "Obsession and insanity go hand in hand." My heart is pounding and just No! I had to set the book down and step back a couple times - I couldn't breath Micaden and Emerald's story was an encompassing and potent tale told in both pov's. Mason exquisitely implemented this dark psychological tale bringing the reader in and captivating them from the opening page to the closing. The storyline has multiple timelines, don't worry it is easy to follow -We travel via "the book" through Emerald's past as she slowly regains some of her memories that were lost in the accident - this gives us just enough sustenance to give the presence some foundation. Then there are the times we spend with Brochan and his memories, this is where we find ourselves catapulted into a tailspin of angst and darkness. Micaden holds most of the present with a few glimpses of how and why he came to be.