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✨IT'S FREEBIE FRIDAY ✨ Sept 18th ➱ Free Books

PIED PIPER a DeMMonica Dark Romance BY Emma Jaye ➱ Release Tour

I Love You, I Hate You Part 2 by Bailey B ➱ Release Tour

The Healing Touch - Anniversary Edition (A Manwhore Series) by Apryl Baker ➱ Freebie Book Blitz

Forever Logan (Once Upon a Player) by Elena Matthews ➱ Release Tour

Cast from the Shadows (A Parkdale Series Novel) by Danielle Keil ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Bad Apple: A modern mpreg fairytale by Colbie Dunbar & Trisha Linde ➱ Release Tour

Mating the Succubus (Takers Book 2) by Lorien Lyn ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Shred of Decency (Shattered Hearts of Carolina) by Jody Kaye ➱ Release Tour

Hearts Don't Lie (Piñon Ridge) by Sutton Bishop ➱ Release Tour

Mercenary (Gangsters of New York): Mafia Romance By Bella Di Corte ➱ Cover Tour with Giveaway

The Tribulations of August Barton: Humorous Coming of Age Fiction by Jennifer Leblanc ➱ Audio Tour

The Uncontrolled: Hiding Can't Save You From Robotic Smiles by Zachary Astrowsky ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

You. Always you.: A Gay Romance by M.E. ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Unholy Intent (Unholy Union Duet) Dark Romance by Natasha Knight ➱ Release Tour

Gold Mine (Diamond) by Skye Warren ➱ Release Tour

Diamonds are Forever: A Diamond Magnate Novel by Charmaine Pauls ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

My Words Are Whiskey: Poetry by Crystal Jackson ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Love Me Always: A Romance Anthology ➱ Release Tour

A Date with a Foodie (The Dating Series ) by Heidi McLaughlin & LP Dover ➱ Release Tour

What's That Growing in My Sour Cream? Humorous Observations on Modern Life By: Brad Graber ➱ Audio Tour

The Hunter And The Bringer Duology by Morgan Straughan Comnick ➱ Series Tour

Rookie Moves: A Quick Snap Novella by Tarrah Anders ➱ Release Tour

Running Forward: A Quick Snap Novella by Crystal Perkins ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

False Start (With me in Seattle Universe) a Sports Romance by Leigh Lennon ➱ Release Tour

Touchdown: A Quick Snap Novella by Maria Macdonald ➱ Release Tour

Wild Poppy by Victoria Johns ➱ Release Tour

Our Book Picks for the Week of Sept 13th 💖 Reviews and Recommendations

Dying to Confess a Crime Thriller by DL Jones ➱ Pre Order Tour with Giveaway

Irresistibly British (British Romance) by Scarlett Avery ➱ Release Tour

Soothe Me, Daddy a Contemporary M/M Romance by Elouise East ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Twelve Mile Bank: AJ Bailey Adventure Series by Nicholas Harvey ➱ Audio Tour

The Egg by William Becker ➱ Promotional Tour with Giveaway

Silent Screams a Thriller by Zachary Ryan ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Riley: Guarded Hearts Book 4 by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell ➱ Release Tour

Hot for Teacher by Whitley Cox ➱ Release Tour

King's Redemption by Grace Risata Releasing Sept. 15th ➱ Pre Order Tour

✨IT'S FREEBIE FRIDAY ✨ Sept 11th ➱ Free Books

Fallen (Men of Mayhem) : A Dark Italian Mafia Romance by Kristen Luciani ➱ Release Tour

The Crane Diaries: Bayou Revelations: Paranormal Horror by Apryl Baker ➱ Freebie Book Tour

Pipes Dream (Road Warriors MC) by Raven Featherwood is releasing 9/22! ➱ Cover Tour

Perfect Always by Tricia Copeland ➱ Cover Tour

Demon Bound (Crossroads Chronicles) Chris Cannon ➱ Book Tour

Fruit of the Land (Of the Gods Book): Fantasy Romance by Gina Sturino ➱ Cover Tour with Giveaway

Abstract Love a Contemporary MM romance by Sara Dobie Bauer ➱ Release Tour

Another Family Affair: An Extreme Taboo Anthology is 𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄 ➱ Release Tour

The Russian Savage: Enemy of the Bratva (Krasnov Brothers) by Rie Warren ➱ Release Tour

Matched To His Bear: An M/M Mpreg Romance (The Dates of Our Lives) by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar ➱ Release Tour

The Miracle Ladies a Supernatural Thriller by Jean-Michel Désiré ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Kennedy & Tristan (Moretti Crime Family Novel) by Frances Paul is releasing 10.6 ➱ Cover Tour

𝐀 𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐞 by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover is releasing 9.15 ➱ Cover Tour

Gunner (Wolf Elite Shifters) by Sedona Venez ➱ Freebie Book Blitz