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#ExcerptReveal #PreOrder → The Pickup by Nikki Ash

#CoverReveal + #Giveaway → The Perfect Comeback by Kacey Shea

#CoverReveal → Greed Cover ReVamp with Karina Espinosa

#NewRelease → Living For Forever (Battle Born MC #3) by Scarlett Black

#PreOrder + #Giveaway ➙ Crossroads Anthology is releasing April 23rd!

#CoverReveal --> Park by Gemma Weir

#NewRelease + #Giveaway → His Uptown Guy by Felice Stevens

Review: His Uptown Guy by Felice Stevens

His Uptown Guy by Felice Stevens 💕 All the feels An Amazing Journey of compassion, hope, and acceptance Jesse's world has slowly imploded and he finds himself a bit lost and a whole lot alone - multiple events have left him with agoraphobia - he finds himself at a turning point where he must choose- fight to move forward or abandon hope and let the darkness take him Dash has a dream to bring him and his family out of poverty and into a life of stability and dreams I enjoyed the charisma that both the main characters emitted - They were so easy to connect with -I can not tell you how many times I wanted to reach in and shake them and remind them they were worthy! This was such a sweet and emotionally satisfying romance A little angst, a little humor and a whole lot of happily ever after The copy I read was comp. View all my reviews