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With Shield and Ink and Bone : Upper YA Historical Fantasy by Casey L. Bond ➱ Trailer Reveal


The Sisters of Salem (Witches of BlackBrook): Historical Fantasy by Tish Thawer ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway


Breathe a Romantic Suspense by Hazel Robinson ➱ Release Tour

Make Believe : Horror Fiction by Alan Wills ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

46. Ascending Series : SciFi Fantasy, Adventure by S.R. Cronin ➱ Promotional Tour with Giveaway


Trickster's Law: Loki's Origin Story (Not So...Evil Book): PNR Dark Fantasy by Sofia Aves ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway


✨IT'S FREEBIE FRIDAY ✨ Oct 30th ➱ Free eBooks


Of Fire and Water (Heir of Blood and Fire Book): YA Dark Fantasy by Cameo Renae ➱ Pre Order Tour


Spring’s Knight (Seasons of Love Book 1): Contemporary Romance by Joy Wild ➱ Cover Tour

Lost Boy :Psychological Romantic Suspense by Ker Dukey ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Saving Reli :Dark Fairytale Romance by Brooke Summers ➱ Release Tour

Em's Secret Series : Contemporary Romance by Emily Foxx ➱ Promotional Tour

Surrounded by Silence (The Rescuer Book): Contemporary Gay Male Romance by Eric Huffbind ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

A LETTER TO DELILAH :New Adult Romance By Jaxson Kidman ➱ Release Tour

The Ghost Files – 7 Year Anniversary Edition: YA Horror/Paranormal by Author: Apryl Baker ➱ Promotional Tour with Giveaway


Touched by the Devil (Boys of Preston Prep): New Adult Romance by Angel Lawson & Samantha Rue ➱ Cover Tour

Carlos (The Gates): MM Romance by M. Tasia ➱ Release Tour

Keeping Secrets (Grimm Wolves MC): MC Romance by D.M. Earl ➱ Cover Tour

The Reaper: The Reaper Collection: Supernatural Thriller/Horror by Jade Royal ➱ Release Tour

The Chronicles of Alcinia : Fantasy Historical Romance by Miriam Newman ➱ Series Tour with Giveaway


HALL-O-SCREAM BOOK FAIR! : dark fantasy and paranormal romance ➱ Promotional Tour

Two Turtle Doves : A Christmas Anthology by Sarah-Jane Fraser ➱ Book Tour

Imperfect. (Perfect Series): Erotic Romantic Suspense by D.D. Larsen ➱ Release Tour

All the Little Secrets: A Standalone Enemies-to-Lovers High School Romance (English Prep Book) by S.J. Sylvis ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Bound: Contemporary Mafia Romance by Leah Holt ➱ Release Tour

The Boss Upstairs (Orchard Heights): Steamy Contemporary Romance by Roya Carmen ➱ Release Tour

Forbidden Island Series : Sweet Fantasy Romance by Lianne Simon ➱ Promotional Tour with Giveaway

Ruthless King War of Roses Universe (Mice and Men ): Dark Mafia Romance by Lana Sky ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Sandman (Ceasefire series): Paranormal Romance by Claire Marta ➱ Release Tour


Stroke of Midnight (Cinderella Trilogy): Billionaire Romance by K Webster ➱ Release Tour

A Date for the Masquerade (The Dating Series): Contemporary Romance by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover ➱ Release Tour

The Black Angel Book Legend Volume 5: Paranormal Romance by Hope Irving ➱ Release Tour

Bear Essentials (Bear Lake Chronicles): Contemporary M/M Romance by Rain Carrington ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Bane's Choice: Romantic Fantasy by Alyssa Day ➱ Release Tour

The Prophecy Trilogy: Paranormal Romance by Victoria Jayne ➱ Series Tour with Giveaway


Storm: A Reed Security Romance by Giulia Lagomarsino ➱ Free Promotional Tour

All In (The Kings of Kroydon Hills Book ): Sports Romance by Bella Matthews ➱ Cover Tour

Yours (Beautiful Sinner Book): Romantic Suspense by Elena M. Reyes ➱ Cover Tour

Eclipsed Legacy (Sentinels Book): NA Paranormal Romance by Alex Stone ➱ Cover Tour

Ravyn: A Psychological Thriller by Billie Dale ➱ Free Promotional Tour

Addictive (The Houston Defiance MC Series): MC Romance by K E Osborn ➱ Release Tour

Our Book Picks for the Week of Oct. 25th 💖 Reviews and Recommendations

The Demon in Business Class: Supernatural Thriller by Anthony Dobranski ➱ Audio Tour

The Calling: The Calling Chronicles Book : Post Apocalyptic Fantasy by E.M. Aguilar ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway


The Deck of the Numinon (A Tales of Terranovae Novel): Fantasy by GJ Scherzinger ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway


Manfax (Winters Brothers): Contemporary RomCom by Jacob Chance ➱ Release Tour

Time is a Fine White Lie: Postmodern Musings :Magical Realism by William Steffey ➱ Audio Tour

Dalya Series : Fantasy by Katie Zaber ➱ Promotional Tour with Giveaway


Borris: A Gothic Tale: YA Gothic Fiction by Chad McClendon ➱ Promotional Tour with Giveaway


✨IT'S FREEBIE FRIDAY ✨ Oct 23rd ➱ Free eBooks

On The Edge: Contemporary Romance By TS Krupa ➱ Cover Tour

Love In Numbers (Love Distilled) : An Enemies to Lovers Romance by Scarlett Cole ➱ Release Tour