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Our Book Thoughts 💭 Reviews and Recommendations May 31st

Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison by Kelly Brady Channick ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Of Knights and Wizards Series by A.J. Gallant ➱ Series Tour with Giveaway

Crossed: Keeper Witches Series by Kristy Centeno ➱ Series Tour with Giveaway

Murderous Passions (The Turner Hahn/Frank Morales series) by B.R. Stateham ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Martimus by Seelie Kay ➱ Release Blitz

The Bone Cutters by Renee S. DeCamillis ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Original Sin (The Order of Vampires) by Lydia Michaels ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Fractured Ties: Boykov Bratva by Bethany-Kris ➱ Cover Reveal with Giveaway

Stepbrother (step dilemma) by Stacy McWilliams ➱ Release Blitz

Rogue Reaper (Reaper Collective) by Riley Archer ➱ Audio Tour


Things That Should Stay Buried by Casey L. Bond ➱ Title Reveal

Finding Forever With You by S.L. Sterling ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Passing the Torch (Devil's Knights 2nd Generation #1) by Winter Travers ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

IBLIS’ AFFLICTION BY NERO SEAL ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Plucked (Classical Badboys Duet) by MV Ellis ➱ Release Blitz

Fender (Soulless Kings MC #1) by Andi Rhodes and Nicole Cypher ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Cold Nips and Frosty Bits by Tracie Podger ➱ Release Blitz

Something Twisted by Ace Gray ➱ Release Blitz

Black Heart (Echoes from the Underworld Book #1) by Maggie Kay ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Forbidden Fate (Crowne Point) by Mary Catherine Gebhard ➱ Release Blitz

A Hellion Heart (Ceasefire) by Claire Marta ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Intrigued by Love (Written in the Stars) by Sienna Snow ➱ Release Blitz

Victim Of Circumstance by Freya Barker ➱ Pre Order Blitz

Home Alone in the Multiverse by William C. Dell ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

The Fifth Vital by Mike Majlak and Riley J. Ford ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Into the Light (Parkdale Series) by Danielle Keil ➱ Cover Reveal + Pre Order

Treachery (Antihero Inferno Book 1) by Lily White ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Love and Whiskey (A Magnolia Distillery Novel) by Allie Able ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Pretty Nightmare (Creeping Beautiful) by JA Huss ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

Zhànshì (Sinister Fairytales Collection) by Anna Edwards ➱ Release Blitz

Faked by Karla Sorensen is releasing 6.16 ➱ Pre Order

10 Code (Rock Point #4) by Freya Barker ➱ Audio Tour with Giveaway

The Divorce Attorney by Melanie Munton ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway


A Deadly Obsession (The Obsessed Duet) by Vi Carter ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Nightingale (Reed Security Series) by Giulia Lagomarsino ➱ Cover Reveal

In Pieces Duet by Michelle Brown ➱ Release Blitz

The Kings of Retribution MC Box Set by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez ➱ Release Blitz

CROWNED BY FATE (Crowned Duet #2) by Amo Jones ➱ Release Blitz


Our Book Thoughts 💭 Reviews and Recommendations May 24th

Girl With A Rose: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller by Leslie Wolfe ➱ Release Blitz with Giveaway

The Archer's Diary by Liam Cadoc ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Sherry Roseberry's Romances ➱ Author Tour with Giveaway

Margaret of Wessex (The Legendary Women of World History) by Laurel A. Rockefeller ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Black Knight (Royal Elite) by Rina Kent ➱ Release Blitz

Lying Beneath (The AURA Operation) by Kevin Moran ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Dark Fae: A Dark Fantasy Romance by Quinn Blackbird ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Caldwell's Homestead: Havoc in Wyoming by Millie Copper ➱ Audio Tour