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#NewRelease ➙ Hearts Divine by Catherine Wiltcher

Review: Hearts Divine by Catherine Wiltcher

Hearts Divine by Catherine Wiltcher My rating: 4 of 5 stars Stop 🛑 This is the second book in a trilogy it is not a standalone I was not really sure about Eve in book one but wow does she redeem herself in book two. After choosing to walk away from Dante shes find herself reconsidering all the whys? and even a couple of the whos that led her to that decision. Dante is still an arse possibly even more so events occur that could push Dante into the abyss forever birthing a monster who takes no prisoners - lacks the ability to reason and blinding the man within to the pain he is inflicting on those closest to him Some of the secondary characters move forward in book two becoming intricate parts of the storyline, we are also introduced to some antagonist that almost rival Dante's darkness Hearts Divine spent a bit more time filling in the missing pieces to Dante's past - there are a couple scenes were we are flashed back to Dante's childhood and WOW I thi