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#NewRelease ➙ Own to Obey by Zoey Ellis

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Review: Own To Obey by Zoey Ellis

Own To Obey by Zoey Ellis And so begins another chapter in the Myth of Omega's Saga Kardos has acquired him Omega and is returning to the islands - Book 7 picks up pretty much right where we left off - Shaya has agreed to take the place of her sister as Kardos' promised Omega. I think she believes she knows what is to become of her but the reality may be a bit more than she bargained for. Kardos is an arse! Straight up and absolute self-centered, know it all everyone is beneath his clan, ARSE!! He has big plans and he knows that the chances of him keeping the prize he is transporting are slim - but that does not deter him - He will do everything within his power to control and manipulate the outcome - He might be redeemable sometime WAY over there in the future but right now I am mad at him - it is going to take a lot of groveling to even get me to entertain the idea of forgiving him Now our dear sweet Shaya - that girl has been hiding some brass balls under her