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✨IT'S FREEBIE FRIDAY ✨ July 31th ➱ Free Books Friday

Heartbreak You (Heartbreak Duet Book 2) by T.L. Smith ➱ Pre Order Tour


Behind the Veil and Birth of the Sand Viper by LaSasha Flame ➱ Free Book Blitz

Behemoth (Grimm Wolves MC Series #1) by D.M. Earl ➱ Release Tour

Bayou Reckoning (The Crane Dairies) by Apryl Baker ➱ Release Tour

Unnatural Diaries, Vol. II by Tara Rhodes ➱ Release Tour

Protecting Anna (A Lucky Strike Lovers Novel) by Julia Jarrett ➱ Cover Tour

A Duke Never Forgets (The Duke Hunters Club) by Bianca Blythe ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Alexandria Rising (The Alexandria Rising Chronicles) by Mark Wallace Maguire ➱ Audio Tour

Hearts Don't Lie (Piñon Ridge) by Sutton Bishop ➱ Pre Order Tour with Giveaway

Violence (Antihero Inferno #3) by Lily White ➱ Release Tour

Midnight Wreckage (Kings of Vengeance #4) by Winter Travers ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Snake's Rage (Road Warriors MC) by Raven Featherwood ➱ Release Tour

A Daughter's Duty by Samantha Grosser ➱ Release Tour

Oops! (The Life After Life Chronicles) by Andy Zach ➱ Audio Tour

Dark Odyssey Series by Faith Summers ➱ Series Tour with Giveaway

Things That Should Stay Buried with Casey L. Bond ➱ Trailer Reveal

Sully's Fantasy (Goddess Isles) by Pepper Winters ➱ Release Tour

Hasty (Do-Over #4) by Julia Kent is complete! ➱ Release Tour


Il Padrone (Vendetta Book 1) by Leigh Kenzie ➱ Cover Tour with Giveaway

The Six Month Lease (Southern Hearts Club) By Melanie Munton ➱ Cover Tour with Giveaway

A Crown of Shadows and Secrets by Sloane Murphy ➱ Release Tour

The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight by Rebecca Rowland ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Beauty From Ashes: Authors & Dancers Against Cancer Anthology ➱ Charity Release Tour

Primal Hunger (Primal Howlers MC) by Piper Davenport ➱ Release Tour

Bowed (Classical Badboys Duet #2) by MV Ellis ➱ Release Tour

Before Us (Next Generation, #2) By J.M. Walker ➱ Cover Tour with Giveaway

Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand and Other Stories by Michael Darling ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

The Man from Milwaukee by Rick R. Reed ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Mortal: Mental Damnation Series by Konn Lavery ➱ Series Tour with Giveaway

The Temp (The Billionaire Boys' Club) by Sebastian Winters ➱ Pre Order Tour

World War Dead by TS Alan ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Doc T (Macha MC #1) by Skye McNeil ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

✨IT'S FREEBIE FRIDAY ✨ July 24th ➱ Free Books

The What If Guy (The Guys Who Got Away ) Lauren Blakely ➱ Release Tour

Precious Gems (A Blake Brothers Novel) by Sierra Hill ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Endless Summer Romance Anthology ➱ Release Tour

A CUT SO DEEP (Thornes & Roses) by Dani Rene ➱ Release Tour

Paranormal Privateers (The Life After Life Chronicles) by Andy Zach ➱ Audio Tour

What Frees the Heart (Cowbird Creek) by Karen A. Wyle ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

Arresting the Warlord (Coletti Warlord Series) by Gail Koger ➱ Book Tour with Giveaway

Crossroads Saga by Mary Ting ➱ Free Book Tour

Down Home by Leaona Luxx ➱ Cover Tour

Temptation (Dungeon Elite Book) By Leigh Lennon ➱ Release Tour

Heroan: The Hale Gunslingers Book 1 by Casey Bering ➱ Book Tour

Shadow Ops Series by Sarah Luddington ➱ Series Tour with Giveaway

Hybrid: The Othala Witch Collection by Apryl Baker ➱ Release Tour

Tinhead: Devils Reapers MC by Ruby Carter ➱ Release Tour

Seth (The Casella Cousins) by Kathryn Shay ➱ Release Tour

REVENGE: Southside Skulls MC by Jessie Cooke ➱ Release Tour

Egotistical Player: A Cocky Hero Club Novel by Bella Emy ➱ Release Tour