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#ComingSoon → Micaden's Madness by V.F. Mason releases on JANUARY 8th!

#NewRelease ➙ Addison Kline's Rebel's Cut

#CoverReveal → Title: Portal Through The Veil Author: Miranda Lynn

#BookTour ➙ Uncuffed #Freebie Book Blitz with Michelle Dare.

#NewRelease + #Giveaway → Charming Marjani (A Fada Shapeshifter Novel) by Rebecca Rivard

#NewRelease ➙ RAW: Rebirth by Belle Aurora

Review: Tears of Glass by Anna Bloom

Tears of Glass by Anna Bloom My rating: 4 of 5 stars Sometimes it's the little things we fail to see "This isn’t about seconds. It’s about all the firsts." This ends on a bit of a twisty cliffhanger 😳 leaving me concerned as to what this will mean for the future of our couple. They have both lost enough and have overcome so many obstacles. "I give him a small smile, but I can’t say I accept his apology. I don’t give second chances. Not to anyone." I will admit I was a bit upset with Faith though Eli probably could have handled things a whole lot better as well. Faith tries to come to terms with her past and what the future holds for her if she is only willing to let go and move forward. The question is can she find herself before she falls into despair? Will her choices and fears cost her Eli? There are so many secrets revealed in Tears of Glass and I swear I was constantly on edge - At the turn of every chapter was a new hurdle or twist