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Showing posts from January 14, 2018
As always I do not use associate links
Also there where a LOT of great reads this weeks - to many to list. 
You can use the above links to check them out

⇨Stone Prince by Emma Alisyn
⇨Vampire Vigilante by Sparrow Beckett 
⇨Thirty Days of Hate by Ginger Talbot
⇨The Last Resort Motel: Room One by Gwyn McNamee
⇨Lost For You by Jayne Frost
⇨Vermilion Tears by Tia Lee 

Stone Prince: Gargoyle Shifter Paranormal Royalty Romance (Warriors of Stone Book 3) by Emma Alisyn πŸ’–πŸ’–Another wonderful addition to the series πŸ’–πŸ’–
I swear each book just gets better!
Rhina is perfect for Geza - if ever a woman could reign him in - yet let him fly - she is it
The perfect balance of poise - royalty - stealth - and beauty - Geza's equal in all ways and do these two πŸ”₯ burn up the pages
There are so many little shocks and surprises in this one - will keep you engaged and on the edge from beginning to end
and NO I am not spilling - wait and see
I will say …