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Review: Sinister Hunger by Katze Snow

Sinister Hunger by Katze Snow


This is a first in series that takes place post-apocalyptic 🌎world
No spoilers
Vincent is a dusk Hunter, an elite hunter trained to kill vampires.
This was an engaging read filled with suspense, horror, angst, and yes, a touch of hope
I enjoyed the slow build to the story, I felt like it allowed me to connect with Vincent on a more emotive level.
The secondary main - Maddox, as well as the other supporting characters, were also well defined and very vivid
The world building is uniquely creative - It is a post-apocalypse universe that contains current and advanced technology, as well as areas that offer nothing but heat and sand
The plotline flows well, it is a bit complicated (multiple characters and plotlines are interwoven) but I do prefer that over the easy read -lots of twists along the way that kept me on my toes
This does contain darker subject matters -so if that is not your goblet of blood -you might want to skip this one
Looking …

Review: Dark Promise by Nikki Landis

Dark Promise by Nikki Landis

Entertaining first in series

The plotline was smooth, flowed easily from scene to scene
Full of action and suspense with some surprising twists
The characters were well crafted
Our H and h do suffer the Insta-bond right from the opening scene - but as the story progresses their relationship matures in a way that allows the reader to feel the chemistry between the characters
I liked the council and the guardians - a well-crafted plot πŸ’‘ that opens the way for future twists and enticing new stories
Looking forward to more in this series

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⚾ #NewRelease → Quit Your Pitchin' by @LaniLynnVale is #LIVE!!

Title: Quit Your Pitchin' Series: There's No Crying in Baseball Author: Lani Lynn Vale Genre: Sports Romance Release Date: July 20, 2018
Cover Model: Chase Ketron
Photographer: FuriousFotog

#NewRelease #Giveaway Dirty Bitches MC Season 1 by @dirtybitchesmc is #LIVE! #OneClick today!

Title: Dirty Bitches MC Season 1 Authors: Avelyn Paige, Geri Glenn, GM Scherbert, and Winter Travers Genre: MC Romance Release Date: July 20, 2018

πŸ’ž #NEWRELEASE #GIVEAWAY #KU ➠ Lighter by @authormilacole is #LIVE!!

Title: Lighter Author: Mila Cole Genre: Age-Gap Romance Release Date: July 19, 2018Cover Design: Emily Wittig Designs & PhotographyCover Photography: Lindee Robinson PhotographyCover Models: Logan Barnhart & Jordan Dimatteo

🎁 Weekly Roundup - #NewRelease #Blogtour #Giveaway #CoverReveal

🎁 Weekly Roundup
#NewRelease #Blogtour #Giveaway #CoverReveal
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