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Review: Stolen Love by Murphy Wallace

Stolen Love by Murphy Wallace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Twisted - Dark - Wonderful
This ends on a cliffhanger -sort of - I do not want to give spoilers but let's just say history has a way of repeating itself! I do wish this had been a bit longer with some more background and filler with regards to certain scenes but the story was not hampered in any way - I am just greedy like that
The storyline goes between the present and the past - but it is done in a way that it is easy to follow the storyline and IMO this presentation only increased the intensity of the story - it is also told from multiple pov's but as noted before this only increases the drama and suspense for the reader
We have our four main characters Lana, Lochlan, Marshall, and Adrienne as well as a strong cast of secondary characters.
This is a rollercoaster of darkness and light that will test your limits - so be prepared going in - you may feel moments of anger - hate - disgust - love, and hope, at times they ma…

Review: Twisted Secrets by Ace Gray

Twisted Secrets by Ace Gray

“How do you go back to before?” I asked still studying the microfiber beneath me. “Before the pain and the lies and the…whatever he was.” “You don’t,” he said softly. “It just becomes part of you.”

Suspense - subterfuge - angst -Everything a good dark suspense should be
I will never look at art the same again
- I want to do this without any clues or spoilers-

Brye - The definition of darkness - He was raised in a world of sin and gluttony - bathed in the pain that he proffered to those weaker than himself and revealed in that which he garnered those rare moments when he showed weakness - He was the prince of nothing and everything. He learned long ago that feelings only breed unnecessary weakness
Filly - Light Love Hope everything that Brye was not - raised in a world of fairytales surrounded by love - a curious little nymph with a backbone of steel - never underestimate the light

This story draws you in right from the start - the scenes are vivid and ente…

Twisted Fate by @AmythaMcclung is #LIVE - Tour by @givemebooksblog - @hottreepubs

Title: Twisted Fate A Southern Devotion Series Standalone Author: Amy K. McClung Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: August 4, 2018

#CoverReveal #Giveaway ⇒ Heathens (Badlands, Book #4) by @AuthorNbennett is releasing 9/16!

Title: Heathens Series: Badlands Book 4 Author: Natalie Bennett Genre: Dark Erotic Thriller Release Date: September 16, 2018
Cover Designer: Daqri Bernardo, Covers by Combs

♞ Wrecked (Charming Knights #1) by @ShanaVauthor is #LIVE #GIVEAWAY

Title: Wrecked Series: Charming Knights #1 (Stand-alone series) Author: Shana Vanterpool Genre: Upper YA Release Date: August 2, 2018

🎁 Weekly Roundup #NewRelease #Blogtour #Giveaway #CoverReveal

🎁 Weekly Roundup
#NewRelease #Blogtour #Giveaway #CoverReveal
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